Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Nest is Full Again

Samuel arrived home safe and sound last night. He had a full weekend, but loved every minute of it. The worst part of it was that he had some sort of stomach ailment. They had stopped at a burger place on the way to Lancaster from Los Angeles, and he got a burger with onions on it, which is unusual for him. The onions bothered him that night, and all weekend, every time he tried to eat, he felt sick. So he didn't eat much, but he still had tons of fun.

Some of the classes he attended were Contemporary Theology, which was a study of fundamental theology, issues facing fundamentalists, and their stand in the past 100 years (I had to tease him and say "what is it with this contemporary theology?"). That was his favorite class, and he went back for that one again on Monday. He also attended classes in New Testament Survey, Old Testament History, Apologetics, Practical Theology, Genesis, and Evangelists and Evangelism - full days on both Friday and Monday.

He and his friends stayed in the dorms. His roommates were a senior and a junior and one of the guys on the trip with him. He got along well with all of them - he's a pretty easy-going guy anyway - and found that one of the boys was from Hurst, TX, which is one of the suburbs of Ft. Worth, and is a member of an IFB church there in Hurst that we are familiar with. The other boy was an LA Angels fan, and Samuel is a TX Rangers fan, so they had plenty to talk about! LOL On school days, breakfast was at 6:30, which is a tad earlier than our 8:30 (or later) breakfast time here at home, but they got to sleep in till 7:00 or so on Saturday. Sluggards! ;) Samuel enjoyed the chapel services too; they are held each school day. His group was treated to a tour of the campus, including staff offices, and he seemed to be very impressed by how organized the staff members are, lead by Pastor Chappell. Of course, he knew some of the students from here who are down at West Coast, and they all had a nice time together, going out to eat on Friday night, and then just talking and hanging out together at other times when everyone had a minute or two.

We're glad he got to go on this trip. So many people are saying that Christian young men and women should not go off to college, because they'll be ruined and taught the opposite of what we've taught them at home. My answer to that is . . . make sure the college they attend teaches what you've been teaching! And then keep yourself involved in their lives, even when they're away - keep in touch, find out what's going on in their lives. I also have a hard time understanding what we've been training them for all these years, if we're not ready to let them go out and make their own lives and prove what we've been teaching them, once they're grown. But those are my opinions, not carved in stone, and not in judgement of those who choose not to let their young people attend college. The last chapter on our family hasn't been written yet; our children are still young. We haven't arrived when it comes to child-rearing. I have seen both extremes - turn them completely loose at 18 and take your hands off or hold on tight even into your children's adulthood - up close and personal. I've witnessed both good and bad results come from both positions. Wes and I feel that we have to be balanced, take one step at a time, and allow our children to make their own life decisions as they reach the age to do so. God has extended free will to every person, and each person is responsible for their own decisions - "choose you this day whom ye will serve . . ." We've taught and trained our children, and still are, but the time will come when we have to loosen our hold on their hands and give them the liberty to make their own lives. Ready or not (emotionally!) this weekend was the beginning of that process with our eldest.


  1. that post should have come with a Kleenex warning. ;) I'm so glad all your chicks are under one roof again. :)

  2. Sounds like Samuel had a really busy time but a good time too. I'm glad he's home safe and sound.

  3. We are soooo relating here at our home. One child is 'on her own'...she is very strong in the Lord, but living at home, she was restless..! We had to pray ALOT and let the Lord guide her. Our second lives at home while attending a local college....our youngest, Kenny, is 9 with autism. Our whole focus as parents is....will they be ROOTED IN GOD as children, who will effectively bring forth His glory as adults? Our 'chapter' isn't over here yet, either. Even with our son! Thanks for the post.


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