Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More About the Books

Thanks, ladies, for the heads up on the newest Beverly Lewis book already out! I'm always just a tad behind the times. I went to and found that they have it, you can order it, but it won't ship till April 29th. I put a link to it in my sidebar, if you'd like to go over there and see it to compare prices or whatever. I started reading it a bit this afternoon.

First though, I read some in the books about the Trapp Family. This family was devoutly Catholic, and this comes through in Maria's writing. Her writing style takes you right into her life, though; you feel like you're actually there. She has a very descriptive style, and she also has a wonderful sense of humor! I believe she would have been a delight to know. I skimmed through the second book by Maria also, and found it to be more of her personal feelings and thoughts than the first one, upon which the movie is based. I don't think I'll enjoy the second one as much, because it is so full of Catholic teaching and tradition, and to be honest, as a Baptist, it broke my heart to read of her undying faith in the saints and all the traditions of the Catholic church. The first one is definitely filled with Catholic beliefs, but the second is more so, I assume because it is a more personal account. Maria said some things that I'd like to quote, and I'll do that in the next few days, because they show the value she placed upon family life.

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