Saturday, April 22, 2006

Maybe I Should Clarify!

I think maybe I simplified things a bit in my previous post about soulwinning in the southern US. Sis. Julie replied to that post:

You say it is easy to get people to listen in the southern US?? I'd like to know where you are referring to.

I lived in Texas for 14 years, during which time I went soulwinning every week. What I referred to as "easy" in the southern US is that, from my experience in Texas, most people were friendly and polite, even if they didn't care to hear what you had to say. They would allow you to introduce yourself and at least say where you were from. Some would even allow you to present the Gospel. At almost every door, we were free to ask if they knew for sure that they were going to Heaven, and even if they wouldn't listen beyond that, they weren't offended by being asked. There were some, of course, who were rude and slammed the door and cursed, but for the most part, folks were friendly.

Our experience here has been that this society, while very tolerant of varied religions, is very intolerant of one-to-one religious discussion. It's considered a private matter, not to be discussed even with the pastor of a church who has knocked on your door. Because the majority of religious witnessing is done by Jehovah's Witnesses here, it's assumed that you are JW, and they won't even give you a chance to open your mouth! Some people are polite, but almost none are willing to do more than accept a tract, if that. No one has ever agreed to come to church. Only one person has allowed me to witness to them in 20 months here.

Now, where we come from, many would say that we aren't doing our job if we haven't lead anyone to the Lord yet. In the southern US, it's common to hear of several people saved during every soulwinning time. And many preachers will preach that the Gospel is the same the world over, and if you go soulwinning you will win someone if you do it right. I agree that the Gospel is the same for every creature, but experience is not proving that everyone will listen to it! And if they won't listen, they won't get saved.

So I apologize for being so simplistic before. From our experience in Texas, this is a totally different mindset, and it really threw me for a loop when we got here. It's almost total, complete rejection from the moment they open the door. It's far more noticeable here than where we are from.

Thanks for your comment, Sis. Julie, and thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Sis. Susan...I hope you didn't take my remark as harsh or impolite. I was simply just stating that we sure don't get that sort of response here where we are that people are willing to listen. Please forgive me if I came across in an unfriendly manner. You are right that people here in the south are friendlier. But for the most part they tell us they aren't interested in a friendly way. They will say "I'm not interested" and then SHUT the door not necessarily slam it. Although we've had our fair share of slamming of the door. Thank you for clarifying what you meant by that for others including myself. But I sure never meant to come across in a rude way. I'm sorry if I did. Have a great day.

  2. Sis. Julie, you didn't offend me at all! Your comment just made me realize that I had made a broad statement, and it appeared that I thought people were swarming to church and soulwinners saying, "What must I do to be saved?" People's hearts are cold and hard the world over. You weren't rude at all! I love technology, but it leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to communicating effectively at times! LOL

  3. Susan, after having moved from South Carolina to Indiana, I know exactly what you mean. In fact, I was just having a very similar conversation with my pastor's wife not too long ago.

    After getting saved in the South, and being there for so many years, it blows my mind to move to an area that sees soulwinning in such a different light. Doesn't it seem that as a result, we should become more creative in sharing the Gospel in other ways? (I'm not saying you're not - I'm just kinda thinking out loud here. It's a convicting thought for me, anyways)

  4. Hi Susan!

    I can so relate to what you're saying. My husband and I attended a Sword of the Lord conference one year and on the last day of the conference, they have everyone go soul-winning. We were so surprised at how many people invited us into their homes...the heat was sweltering....this was North Carolina in July. Noone got saved but people were kind and listened.

  5. You maybe interested in my audio show for tomorrow night. I will be interviewing Dr. Gary Habermas on the bodily resurrection. As you know, this is doctrine the WT denies.


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