Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Robyn!!!

Today is my sister Robyn's birthday! When Robyn and I met, I was 16 and she was 12. Neither of us had ever had a sister, never had to share a room, never shared clothes or hairbrushes with anyone. Life was about to change! LOL I still have to laugh when I remember the two years that Robyn and I lived together. She was quite a pest, and she absolutely loved to do things just to see my reaction. Our most-remembered incident is the day we were cleaning the kitchen together and Robyn got out this huge butcher knife and stalked toward me with this horrible look in her eyes. The whole time, I'm yelling, "Robyn, stop! Accidents DO happen, you know!" over and over again, while she's chasing me around the kitchen with that butcher knife! It's hilarious now, but I was so deadly serious! Another thing she liked to do was get in bed before I got in the bedroom - the bottom bunk, of course - and leave the light on, so that I'd have to turn the light off and then climb up to the top bunk in the dark . . . so that she could reach out and grab my foot! It worked every time! I would scream and just about fall off the bed trying to get on the bed. So I just got married and got myself a much nicer roommate! Oh, yeah . . . she thought Wes was a goof . . . but they loved to razz each other every chance they got.

Today Robyn is a fantastic wife, mother, and missionary. She's also a talented pianist and singer. The thing I love about Robyn is her ability to know just the right thing to say in most any situation, to set people at ease, to comfort, and to encourage. She and her husband Clark are missionaries in Pabellon de Arteaga, Mexico, a small village outside the larger city of Aguascalientes. They have seven children, six girls and one boy, ranging in age from 16 to 2. Robyn and I don't get to see each other or talk a lot because of distance, time zones, and the busyness of our missionary lives, but we do love to catch up every now and then. I'm so proud of her and her family and the work that they do for the Lord. Happy Birthday to my first sister - I love you!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute.

  2. What a blessing!! You're so blessed to have the kind of friendship and relationship you share with your sister. Not everyone has that. Treasure it and try not to take it for granted. Happy Birthday to Robyn!!

  3. Your love for her shines through this wonderful tribute! Happy Birthday, Robyn! And thank you for sharing, Susan!

  4. You're blessed to have each other. As others have said, it's a beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday Robyn :)


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