Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blessings of the Past Week

I told you one day last week that I had some blessings to share, but I wanted to show you some pictures too. Now I have the pictures, and I'm ready to talk!

On Thursday, I got a card in the mail. I figured it was a late birthday card, and looking at the postmark, I was pretty sure it was from one of our supporting churches. Many churches send us birthday and Christmas cards, and they are so fun to get, but I especially love them when they include a personal note from someone. This one did, and it was from a sweet elderly friend of ours! We lived in Abilene, TX, for 3 years while Wes was stationed there at Dyess AFB. This lady, Miss Gertie, went to the same church we did and was elderly when we knew here more than 10 years ago. She lived in an apartment with her little miniature schnauzer, and we would stop and pick her up for church on our way into town. Our kids were preschoolers and toddlers then, and when they would play church, they'd always be sure to stop and pick up "Miss Guhtie!" LOL This church is now one of our supporting churches, and Mrs. Gertie had gotten my name as a missionary wife that she was to correspond with! Her letter was full of praise for her new pastor, who has only been there a few months, and how the church was growing, and I was tickled when she said that she was just glad to still be around to enjoy it all! What a sweet joy it was to hear from Mrs. Gertie!

The next day, the postman left a package at our door. I was so surprised when my name was on the front . . . and it was from our very own Deb! She had said she was sending me something in the mail, and about that time, she had also posted about the lost art of correspondence, so I expected a card or letter. Well, she had written me a letter - a nice, long, friendsy one - but she had also sent me these cross stitch booklets and a diabetic cookbook that she had run across while out shopping one day. I was overcome with how incredibly thoughtful she was to send those things to me, someone she'd never even heard of a year ago, and whom she's never met face-to-face. Deb has become a dear friend (even before the gifts!), and I wanted to let all of you know what a blessing she was to me last week! Deb, I'll be working on that lost art and sending you a letter soon!

Also on Friday, my husband was helping our friends take some old things to the dump, as they are preparing to move to a new house. When he saw this little chair and this shadow box, he knew I'd love them. He brought them home, and sure enough, he got squeals of delight from me! I plan to set the chair on the front porch with a little pot of flowers on it, and I have to start looking for things to put in the shadow box. But I just love them both; I thought the chair was so sweet. It's tiny - in the picture it's sitting on my kitchen counter

Yesterday I stopped at the Salvation Army store here in North Van and found this little painted flower pot for 99 cents.It's the one I'll use with the chair on the porch. I want to find some flowers that will do well without a lot of sun, as our porch is covered and only gets a little bit of sun in the early morning - when it's not raining, of course!


  1. How fun! I love getting things in the mail! =)

    I love the little chair. I have one almost like it. I bought it at an antique store, with a little table, when I was still living with my parents.

  2. Awww that is so sweet! So glad to hear all your blessings!

  3. As the kids would say..."Suh-weet". :) It's so much fun to get stuff in the mail and she was really thoughtful...now wait just a minute. She's just trying to win you as her neighbor. I'd better get on the stick, huh? hehe

    I love the chair and that flower pot is so pretty. Impatiens do well in the shade. I bought two little New Guinea Impatiens yesterday. I've never had those before but I remember my mom having them when I was still at home. The New Guineas have a nice deep green foliage and bright pretty blooms.

  4. Oh, I just went back and saw the shadow box. That's really neat. I wasn't thinking about it having all those compartments. He did "good." :)

  5. Hi Susan, I'm happy for you getting surprises in the mail. I love surprises. What a thoughtful gift from Deb! The chair and shadowbox are nice. I like things like that too. And don't you just love thrift stores!
    I was thinking the same thing Lisa was thinking. New Guinea Impatients are very easy to tend to and they don't like a lot of sun. They do like a LOT of water, but they are so beautful and if you're going to pot them, you can bring them in through the winter months keeping their bloom all year. I do NOT have a green thumb, but I am proud to say that I can tend Impatients. LOL

  6. Hi Susan! How fun to see your treasures! Hey...isn't this blog world something else?! Those books were just at my house a couple of weeks ago, and now they're showing up on a blog written from Canada! I love how blogs have made it easy to be friends long distance. :)

    Note to Lisa ~ hey, you weren't supposed to figure that out! LOL

  7. I got a late birthday gift in the mail this week too. It was from 3 sisters whose family is missionaries to N. Ireland. They're in the states right now and they sent me this cute little stuff lamb from Ireland. I too had never seen them before in person, but met them through the blogging world.
    It was a very pleasant surprise!!

  8. Love your chair, shadow box, and flower pot!

    It's always nice to get something in the mail other than a bill...


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