Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Years ago, Wes and I bought a new game (at the time it was new) called Balderdash. The object of this game is for each player to make up a definition to an unfamiliar word, and then to guess the correct definition of this same word yourself, all the while hoping that the other players will choose your own fake definition. Until a few days ago, we hadn't played this game in years, but we got it out to play with the kids. We discovered that we are all pretty decent liars! LOL

Here are some of the words we were given . . . with their real definitions, believe it or not!

tregetour (trejj-at-toor) - a juggling magician

palliard (pal-yard) - a tricky beggar whose parents were also tricky beggars (we were convinced that this one was one of the fake definitions, probably written by Andrew)

waddy (wah-dee) - an Australian walking stick

swelchie (swell-chee) - a whirlpool (didn't believe this one, either)

hoitzitzillin (hoyt-zit-zill-an) - a variety of fancy American bird (what?!)

bombardon (bawm-bard-own) - a brass instrument like the tuba

gibbosity (gib-boss-sit-tee) - the state of being hump-backed

basophobia (bay-so-foe-bee-ah) - a fear of falling which makes one afraid to stand up (surely this was a fake definition . . . NOT)

naker (nay-kurr) - a kettle drum (seemed to be the night for musical instruments)

scatomancy (scat-oh-man-see) - telling fortunes by examining dung (no thanks!)

Wouldn't these words make an interesting story? Give those to your kids for their next writing assigment!


  1. Sis Kristi10:05 PM

    This game sounds like a lot of fun. We like to get together with friends and play games. I'll have to remember this one!

  2. oh i will have to get this game for us to pass time while jim is gone..and when he gets home I LOVE to play games! We try to do a puzzle or a game every week...well we try anyways!

  3. Great idea! Um....does it count that I 'make up' words (always in jest) to sometmes 'tease at' my college kid?! "Mom!! That's not even a real word!!" Um...yeah...I know...just keeping you alert!! (lol). Balderdash is a great game. The more players, the merrier!

  4. I get laughed at EVERY time we play Balderdash! Everyone, I'm not kidding, automatically KNOWS which fake definition is mine. I try my best to make it sound so good and like the real one. But my "personality" shines through every definition I write down. And no one ever guesses mine!

    We have had some hilarious games, and sometimes the reader doubles over with laughter and can't even call out the definitions with a straight face--it's usually mine that's being read when that happens. No wonder no one votes for mine!

    Maybe if I played with a different family... :)

  5. Oh, I love Balderdash! We used to play that with our teen groups. I managed to win quite a few times too. =)

  6. We like Balderdash too!
    I'm a terrible definition reader though because I almost always start laughing. :)

  7. I might have to find that game..Sounds like fun...

  8. I always end up laughing too! There have been times that I haven't been able to read the definitions because I got so tickled, and it's really embarrassing if it's after one person's definition - I'm feel so awful for laughing at them! LOL Of course, I'm a laugher anyway, so it doesn't take much to get me going.

    Poor Deb! Beth is that way too. We always know her definitions; she has a fondness for foreign countries, apparently, because a lot of hers have to do with something in another country. The funny thing the other night was that we all thought the Australian walking stick was her definition, when it was the real one!

  9. A lot of ours seem to deal with countries too. :)


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