Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What We Have Here . . .

is a failure to communicate!

Wes and I just had one of those classic moments when we realized that we had been communicating, but not really. He drove me to my doctor's appointment this morning, and on the way home we stopped at Tim Horton's for coffee. As we entered the store, I heard Wes say he was going to get a triple chocolate mocha and a chocolate chip muffin. When he got his drink, it looked so rich and creamy that I wanted a sip, so I told him I'd like to try his mocha, and he said ok. We sat down, and he gave me a bite-size piece of his muffin. I reached over and took a sip of his mocha, which tasted just like hot chocolate to me. I noticed he kind of looked at me with a question, but he didn't say anything.

Flash forward to lunch. I mentioned to the kids that Dad had gotten a mocha. He said, "No I didn't; I got a hot chocolate!" I told him he'd said he was getting a triple chocolate mocha. He said no, it was a triple chocolate muffin and a hot cocoa, but he had gotten the plain chocolate chip muffin instead. When I had told him I wanted a taste of his mocha, he thought I was referring to his muffin. I hadn't wanted the muffin, but I wanted to taste the mocha, which was actually hot cocoa. He had wondered at the time why I was drinking his hot cocoa. Hmmm . . . we were talking, but we weren't communicating!


  1. Rachel8:49 PM

    So, you have those days too, huh? :) That's funny.


  2. OH Susan,
    this post tickled me. I dont know why I just got this picture of the look on Wes' face. I so look forward to those moments with Russell. Thanks for the lesson in communication

  3. LOL..That is funny..I have one of those day to...


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