Friday, March 03, 2006

Singing Tonight

Our family has been invited to sing at Greater Vancouver Baptist Church's Winter Revival. This is the church that sponsors us in country; they've become like family to us, so it's an honour for us to sing there. I'm a little nervous, because instead of singing and having their church pianist play for us, I'm playing. This is the first time for me to play at Greater Vancouver, and they're used to classically trained pianists! I'm far from classically trained!

We've chosen a song that's a favorite of ours. It's a little more upbeat than what we usually sing, but it's not contemporary, by any means. Wes and I sang it for years at our home church in Texas with a couple of different groups. The words are good and it brings back great memories! LOL Here are the words.

Jesus Did It For Me

You ask me how I know
Jesus' blood washes whiter than snow,
I can say that I know it's so because
Jesus did it for me!
Take a life that's been broken by sin,
Jesus' blood can mend it again;
Give you joy that will never end because
Jesus did it for me!


Jesus did it for me
I'm so glad Jesus did it for me.
If you're bound, He will set you free because
Jesus did it for me.
What He said in His Word is true
Anything in His name He will do.
Yes I know that He'll do it for you because
Jesus did it for me!

I know without a doubt
Jesus' love can bring you out
And give you something to sing about because
Jesus did it for me!
He'll make your pathway bright,
Take away all your sin and strife
And write you name in the Book of Life because
Jesus did it for me!


  1. I don't think I've ever heard of that one. I'm sure ya'll will do fine. My family will be singing again at church( Lord willing ) the 12th of this month. I'm not as nervous when it comes to playing the piano, but I still haven't tried playing AND singing there yet. :)

  2. Isn't it funny how we think we'll do horrible, but everything always turns out fine? Well, usually. We haven't sung yet! LOL I'm not nervous playing just about anywhere up here anymore, but I've never played at Greater Vancouver before, even after we've been here 1 1/2 years!

  3. Let us know how it turned out. Wouldn't it be neat sometimes if we could just zing ourselves to wherever we want to be (so I could hear your family sing and hear Courtney's family on the 12th) and then zing ourselves back home? I'd be zinging like crazy someplace all the time! Maybe that's why we can't--I need to stay home! :)


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