Thursday, March 23, 2006

Old Things

I took some pics today of the old things I have been given by my grandmothers. I got out just a few things. The first thing is from my Grandma Holden, my dad's mother. This little rocking chair was at her house for me to sit in when I was little. I was the only grandchild for 7 years, so it was all mine in the beginning! LOL She gave me this little chair after I had children. Now that I think back, I've always loved to rock!

Here are some things from both of my grandmas. The gold-trimmed platter on the right was Grandma Holden's. I love old platters, and I cherish this one because it was hers. The cake plate on the left belonged to one of my grandmas, but I'm not sure which. It's a pedestal stand, and it makes a beautiful presentation. It's kind of retro-looking, which is "in" right now, but I've been using this cake stand for years. The cut-glass candle holders belonged to my mother's mother, my Granny Rogers, as did the wooden dough tray underneath. Funny story about Granny giving me things: the last time I visited her before she got really bad with Alzheimers, she told me to choose some things of hers that I wanted and I could take them home with me. So I spent all weekend looking around at things I'd like to have, and when it was getting close to time to leave, I told her two things I wanted. I didn't know it at the time, but she was getting really bad with her disease, so I was shocked when she said "No, you can get them another time!" LOL She had never gone back on a promise like that before! I never got those two things, whatever they were, and you can see that it didn't really matter that much, since I can't even remember what they were! Granny got increasingly possessive of her things in the next years, to the point of accusing people of taking things . . . when they were still in her dresser drawer! It was very sad to watch her mind deteriorate like that. I missed her more when she was sick than I do now, since she's passed away, I think. She just wasn't the same person.

Here's a better look at that dough tray. This has been in my family since the early 20th century. It belonged my my great-grandmother, who died around 1927. This tray was used several times a day to make biscuits. I would imagine it was handmade by someone in my family, and it's worn smooth from all the bread-making in it. I love it because of the feeling of history it carries. The hands of my great-grandmother worked in this bowl. She was a busy young mother of 4 young children, one of whom was my Granny, and I can just see her standing at the counter making biscuits for breakfast, lunch, and supper. They were a farming family, so the meals were often just bread and vegetables. Granny has said that they made "biscuit" 3 times a day! I can't imagine! LOL After her mother died, Granny took over the cooking until her Papa remarried, so she was the one working in the dough tray. I love to run my hands over it and imagine their hands there too - maybe I'm weird, but it gives me a sense of belonging, of connecting with past generations. And so I love my dough bowl!


  1. Susan, Thanks for sharing your pictures. I really like the rocking chair and doll. I love having things in my home that belonged to my family, especially since my Mom, Dad, and dear Grandma are gone.


  2. I loved seeing these, especially the dough tray. How wonderful that you have these treasures!

  3. I love the dough tray too! There's something about those old wooden items that get smoother and more beloved the more they are touched and used. How neat that you have those items and those memories.


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