Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's Jacob's Ladder!

Tammy identified my quilt top with the pansies and yellow squares as a Jacob's Ladder pattern. I did some searching on it, and found that there are many variations of this pattern, including one called Road to California. In the late 60's my uncle got married and moved to CA. I wonder if Granny was making this for them and just never finished it?

The Jacob's Ladder pattern was featured in one of the first books on quilting, published in the early 20th century. It was the same pattern that mine is (not another variation). So that makes my day! I love "old" anything, so I'm pleased to know that my quilt tops fit right in to that love of old stuff. I have some other things from my grandmothers that I should photograph and show you. If you like antiques, you'll like these things. I just need to find the time to take the pictures and write a blog entry . . .

Thanks, Tammy, for looking that up and telling me what it was. You really gave me a thrill! Doesn't take much, does it?! LOL


  1. You are very welcome, Susan! I guess all the hours that my sister and I spent pouring over quilting books was beneficial after all! =)

  2. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Hi Susan,
    It's Marci from the MIH list. I wanted to tell you that my dd is in a quilt club and guess what their current project is? The year-long sampler quilt on the Debbie Mumm site! I was going to make it, too, but am sort of talking myself out of it. If you do it, I will do it and we can encourage each other through the year. We haven't started yet; they girls have their first class this Saturday to cut fabric. I will let you see photos of their progress (and mine, if I get my act together and buy my fabric!).
    See you on MIH!

  3. Wow, Marci - that would be so much fun, to do them together. Unfortunately, I can't buy any fabric right now, but I would LOVE to see what you and your daughter and her class do!


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