Friday, March 10, 2006

Is It Friday Already?

I'm shocked! It IS Friday already! We were busy this week, but I just didn't realize how much till today. I've had bunches of things to do outside the house the past few days, and I was gone again most of the day today. Wes went with the kids to a youth activity tonight, and I am left home alone - by choice! I was ready to stay here for a few minutes!

Wes and I went out to Child Evangelism Fellowship this morning and picked up some more class materials that we use for Sunday school. We had some beautiful snow the past 3 days, although none of it stuck around for long. I've never seen such huge, fat, fluffy snowflakes as we've had this week. Anyway, because the roads were wet and slushy, there were accidents around, and one of them happened right in front of us on the way home from CEF. I was looking at the materials we had just bought, when Wes hit the brakes and we kind of shimmied around in the lane a it. Of course, this scared me, and I looked up to see 3 cars stopped right in front of us. We got stopped without hitting anyone and no one hitting us. It was just a fender-bender and no one was hurt, so we kept going, but it took me a few minutes to stop shaking!

The teen activity tonight is snow tubing on one of the ski hills. Now, to me that sounds like great fun. But it also sounds very cold, which is why I decided not to go this time. Being southerners as we are, and not getting a whole lot of snow around here, none of us had snowboots yet. To go snow tubing, you really need some warm boots, but we couldn't find any at the thrift store where we found snow pants for the kids. We were going to look at places like Sears, but they were pretty expensive there. So Wes and I happened by a Payless Shoe Source on the way home today and decided to look in there. They were having a clearance on winter shoes, and they had some snow boots! We got each of us a pair and spent 1/3 what we would have spent anywhere else! Mine were originally $60, marked down to $12. So now we all have snow boots. And now it won't snow anymore for a year. But that's ok - cause we're ready when it does!

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