Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Saw My Doctor Today

As part of diabetic routine treatment, I go for a HbA1c (glycosolated hemoglobin) test every three months. The results are sent to my doctor, and he calls me to come in when he gets the results. The last time I had a test, in late November, he was pretty satisfied with the results, and this time they were even better! I've lost ten pounds since mid-January, and I'm still on no diabetes medication. The test results came down from 7.2 in November to 6.6 last week. I feel really great about that, since I'm on no medication to bring those levels down! For a type 2 diabetic, weight loss is the number one lifestyle change, along with exercise and diet (which usually produce weight loss) to combat high blood sugar levels and complications. Obesity is one of the major risk factors for type 2 diabetes. I have a couple of other risk factors which contributed to my developing it at such a young age (I was 34 when I was diagnosed, and most people are over 40 at diagnosis), but obesity was my number one factor. I wasn't even all that overweight, but combined with the other factors, it produced the disease. So . . . when we moved to Canada, I decided I'd try to stay off medication, and to do that, I had to lose weight. It's a long, slow process because the same factors that contributed to weight gain also make it harder to lose weight, but I'm doing it, and it seems to be paying off. All that to say . . . things are going well right now! LOL

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