Saturday, March 25, 2006


That title makes it appear that we have had some happenings this week. We haven't really. Just the everyday stuff. I did get some free things this week through Freecycle and Craigslist. From Freecycle I picked up some fabric scraps. None of them will be all that great for quilting, but there are several pieces that will make cute skirts and maybe some purses. There are also a couple of huge pieces of flannel that will make good blankets . . . or the backing for a blue jeans quilt. I've been looking at these for a couple of years, but I've never collected the denim to make them. Well, this fabric stash had a few pieces of denim in it, too, so my collection is started. I'm thinking about making one of these quilts for one of my boys. Now that my denim collection is started, I'm scrounging the house for outgrown denim. I asked Andrew if he had any outgrown jeans, and he said yes, but they'd need to be replaced if I took them. The boy is wearing outgrown jeans, yet when we go shopping for clothes, he says he doesn't need any!

The other freebie I got within the past week is two silk flower wall swags. I've never had any wreaths or swags before because they are so expensive. So when I saw these offered on Craigslist, I jumped on them - and I was chosen to receive them! I put one in the living room and one in our bedroom over the bed. I love them!

When we lived in Ft. Worth, several area independent Baptist churches began having Men of the Word conferences each year, sponsored by Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington, where Dr. Bob Smith is pastor. Our pastor always took a group of men over, and it was something my husband looked forward to each year. So when we moved up here, Wes began to think that such a conference might be profitable here. There are several independent Baptist churches in the Lower Mainland. Wes began contacting the pastors of these churches and talking with Pastor Conner, our sponsor into the country, to see if they would be interested in attending if our church sponsored the conference. The idea was received well, so plans were set in motion for the conference to be this spring. Yesterday, those plans were realized as Wes and three men from our church left for the overnight conference in Hope, BC, where they would meet with 42 other men. It's a time of mainly preaching and teaching, with a little time on the side for relaxing. The speaker for the retreat is Bro. Larry Pierson, staff member of Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, IL. Bro. Pierson will be preaching at our church both services tomorrow, and we have the joy of having him in our home for meals over the weekend. Wes and I both are praying for God to do a great work in the hearts of men this weekend.

Beth made cookies for the men from our church to take with them. She has become quite the cookie baker in our family. The boys have been known to pay her to make them some cookies! Yesterday afternoon she got out the cookbook and decided to make some Strawberry Banana Nut Bread. It was her first attempt at making a quick bread. With a little guidance here and there from Mom, she made a beautiful loaf of bread, and it tastes good too - very moist! I didn't get a picture of it because Wes has the camera at the conference, and now it's mostly gone, thanks to her brothers. Well, I ate some too for my breakfast. I think she's saving the last little bit for her dad and Bro. Pierson!

So that's a bit of our week and weekend. It's been a busy week getting ready for the conference, but busy weeks are the best kind!


  1. Our church does Reformer's Unanimous too, it's a great program!

  2. Susan,
    Gene's grandmother used to make us pumpkin, strawberry and banana breads every year for Christmas. I have the recipes and often get many compliments on them. I love the pumpkin bread especialy as it has lots of cinnamon and nutmeg. If you'd love the recipes I'd be happy to share them with you.

  3. Lora, you are more that welcome to share your recipes! My e-mail is - or you can share them in the comments. At least I think comments will hold that much!

  4. Susan,
    I just love your swags! I'm sure they look beautiful in your home.

    Could you possibly share the recipe for the strawberry banana bread?


  5. Do you know a Michael Hildreth who attends Trinity? He is/was a missionary with the mission board my daddy used to work at.

  6. Courtney, I'm sorry - I don't know the man you mentioned! We fellowshipped with the folks at Trinity some, but mostly by going to special revival meetings they had and them coming to ours. What mission board did your dad work at? My parents and my in-laws are out of separate mission boards, one in SC and one in GA.

  7. Rachel10:45 AM

    Hello Susan,
    How about posting the strawberry/banana bread recipe, as well as any other quick bread recipes? :) Thanks!
    P.S. The mission board Jim worked with was International Baptist Outreach Missions in Asheville, NC.


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