Saturday, March 11, 2006

Counting My Blessings

Today I have several things to be thankful for (or for which I should be thankful - I just finished grading grade 12 Language Arts, so grammar is on the brain at the moment).

1 - My daughter didn't break her neck last night while snow tubing. On her first run down the hill, she wiped out. Big time. Samuel and his friends at the top of the hill saw it, but didn't realize it was Beth. Samuel was saying, "What a wipeout!" when he realized it was his sister! Her tube stopped on an ice chunk and she kept going, scraping her face up one side on the ice chunk, turning a flip or two, and hitting her right thigh and knee on said ice chunk. Today she's limping around here (in good spirits, though) and looking like somebody beat her up. My mama heart quakes at what might have been! I told Wes I would have just died if he'd called me from the hospital to tell me that Beth's neck was broken!

2 - My eldest son didn't fall down the mountain last night while snow tubing. He missed the barrier once at the end of the hill, hitting the fence at the end of the run. He says he looked over the fence when he got up, and there wasn't much down there. Another quaking of the heart at what might have been!

3 - My middle child and younger son had a blast last night while snow tubing! He loves anything wild and fast, and from what I heard, this was wild and fast. A little wilder and faster than I care for, but Andrew loved it.

4 - My husband did not break any bones last night while snow tubing. Life is good! He is a wee bit sore in the shoulders this morning, but we attribute that to hanging on for dear life as he careened down packed, icy snow runs - big guy, no glasses, snow too packed to dig the toes in to stop. Praise the Lord for those barriers at the bottom that helped you stop - just in case.

5 - The sun is shining brightly in Vancouver, BC today! It's a fantastically beautiful day, even if it's still quite nippy.

6 - The sun will be shining tomorrow too!

7 - I have dinner in the crockpot and rolls rising on the counter. Easy. Love my crockpot!


  1. I sure am glad, too, that your family is all in one piece with no broken bones.

    A month or so ago a friend's son was sledding down a big hill at a college close by us. He hit the concrete ditch at the bottom (everyone knew it was there!) and broke his collarbone and did something to his brain. He had to drop out of school and go home to recuperate (he lives 3+ hrs away) after being released from the local hospital.

    And a girl was killed sledding down a steep hill here at the local girls' college in town a couple of years ago.

    So, you're right. You have many blessings for which to be thankful! Anything can happen out there before our chicks come back home to us.

  2. I am sure glad the family is all well!!!!


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