Friday, March 31, 2006

Calling All Cross-Stitchers

I have been informed of a very dangerous place for those of us who love cross-stitching. I got a very sweet e-mail yesterday from a lady named C, telling me of a whole world of cross-stitch bloggers out there! Tammy had told me about knitting bloggers, so I had done a search on cross-stitching bloggers, but nothing had come up that really struck my fancy. Well, let me tell you, the blog C pointed me to has struck my fancy, and struck it hard!

The blog is called BeckyBee's Stitching Hive, and it's one of C's favorites. She has pictures, pictures, and more pictures of pieces she has stitched, pieces she is in the process of stitching, and pieces she has received in cross-stitch swaps. She also has LINKS . . . tons of links . . . to OTHER stitching blogs. It's going to take me months to get through all these links. I've added one or two to my Bloglines, and I'll probably be adding more as I wade through them all. So many blogs . . . so little time! I'm so glad for Bloglines!

One thing I've learned from looking at all these blogs: my little one-hour stitching sessions in the evenings are child's play to these ladies! There is a multitude of fabrics, fibers, threads, and finishing techniques that I've never even heard of . . . and so many I want to try! BeckyBee said that she has thousands (yes, thousands) of cross stitch charts (and she has pictures of her well-organized workspace to prove it too). I have no idea what all the abbreviations stand for that these ladies use, such as RAK, as in "I've been RAK'd." One thing I know is that I could get way deep into stitching. I love it. And now I have a big ol' path right into it. Thanks, C!


  1. LOL I could spend all day hopping around to knitting blogs! I'm glad you found some neat blogs!

  2. Susan, you might want to check your link for Beckybee''s your hs graduation pic! =D

  3. I know about Becky's blog. There are a lot of blogs not listed on her blog. She's a real nice lady.


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