Friday, March 31, 2006

A Boy With Paper Airplanes

My home has been invaded by paper airplanes. They zoom past my head, get stuck in my hair, and land on the dining room table. They flip, flop, and flap around my living room. They dive and crash, swoop and swish. My son has discovered paper airplanes.

I simply asked Andrew to make some paper airplanes for me yesterday, to take to Patch Club last night for the kids' game. I made one really quickly, just to show him it didn't have to be fancy. I just needed some planes. So what does Computer Boy do? Why, he looks them up online, of course! He now has a complete flight line of paper airplane models, including a helicopter, worthy of any Air Force around. Some are designed to glide in a straight line; some are designed to gently curve around the room and land where they started; and still others are apparently designed to immediately dive-bomb, no matter what the website said they would do! LOL

My fly-boy particularly enjoys zooming his planes right past his sister - and sometimes right into her lap - as she sits reading. She does not like this type of interaction with her brother, so it produces exactly the result he intended! He thinks it's great fun, of course.

I have to tell you that I myself have enjoyed flying some of these airplanes. I'm a bit surprised. I never knew of my aeronautical urges till yesterday. It doesn't hurt the relationship with the boy, either. Every 14-year-old boy needs to fly paper airplanes with his mom.


  1. Ohhhh these are so much fun! When Kevin and I taught school, he did the same thing Andrew did (looked online) and pretty soon the only thing he did during recess was fold paper airplanes for kids! LOL Some of those airplanes are just the neatest things! They fly so well!

  2. I told Andrew he would be really popular with little boys right now!

  3. Jesse has a fleet at work. He and a co-worker have "fights" and Jesse sends his fleet of paper airplanes to his co-worker on the other side of the room.

    We have paper airplane all over the house too.


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