Monday, March 27, 2006

A Blessing Today

When we transferred our drivers' licenses here to BC, one of the things I was asked was if I had any chronic illness that might at some time impair my driving abilities. I decided to be honest and told them I have diabetes. A hypoglycemic episode in the car would definitely impair my driving! So now every year I have to get a quick physical exam to verify that my illness is not preventing me from driving. Today was the day for that physical - very simple, eyes, ears, throat, heart, lungs. One complete in-depth physical is covered by our medical plan once a year, but the driver's license exams are not covered. They cost $111.00. We were prepared to pay that today. Our doctor is a saved man who treats several other of our pastor friends and their families here in Vancouver. When he came in the room, he said, "I'll just charge you $20.00." He wrote it on a piece of paper for me to give the receptionist, and when I came out and showed that paper to Wes, he almost fell off his chair! What a blessing! And yes, I told the doctor so!

We had to have some car repairs done earlier this month, and while we had the money to take care of it, it was still an unexpected expense. I knew the $111.00 would be stretching things thin. I saw today, once again, that God knows every little thing that's going on, and He took care of it. Why do we ever worry or fret?!


  1. Oh what a blessing Susan! :) I am happy for you! Its nice when things stretch!!!! And isnt that just like take care of us!

  2. God is good! I also believe He was honoring your honesty. It would have been very tempting to lie....good for you! (o:

  3. That is a blessing!
    God has done things like that to us too!

  4. Wow..That is a blessing!!!God is Good!!!


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