Monday, March 20, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Today was one of those perfect days, weather wise - deep blue sunny skies, temps just cool enough to need a sweater, a crisp freshness in the air. The whole weekend was like that, and I have enjoyed it so much. It's a good thing, too, because tomorrow the rain returns, and if the forecasters are right, it'll be around a couple more weeks. Sigh.

Deb asked a question about the Debbie Mumm quilt I'm hoping to do this year:
Did you come up with your own or follow the color scheme they posted in their sample?

Well, Deb . . . I'm not real confident about changing the colors, so I may just go with what they have in their sample. Although I did look at it a little closer. There are 6 color families in the quilt, one of which is just a dark plaid, so I'm thinking I just might choose my own colors. I get excited over colors and fabrics, so I don't know if it would be smart of me to choose my own or if it would drive me bonkers to have to choose between so many . . . I haven't bought any fabric yet; I've only bought a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler I got them in a kit at Michael's, and I hope I did the right thing. I didn't have the money to buy everything separately, and now I'm almost wishing I had.

The cutting mat doesn't have any lines on it for measuring or lining up, and the ruler and mat are on the small side. But maybe they'll do for beginning? There was a packet of needles in the kit, and a tape measure, and some quilting pins.

I wanted to show you a couple of quilt tops I have that my Granny pieced together. I'm not sure how old they are, but she was quite sick with Alzheimer's disease for the last 10 years of her life, and I had never seen these before my aunt gave them to me. I'm thinking Granny did these when she was younger, and then put them away. The "retro" fabrics are really in right now, though! If you keep something long enough it'll come back in style.

The first one is peach and blue with butterflies. Each butterfly is made of a different fabric and appliqued onto the quilt top. I have tried and tried to remember if I'd ever seen any of the fabrics in these butterflies, but I don't think I have. The second one is orange and purple pansies and yellow squares. I have no idea what the pattern is, or even if it is a pattern. It may just be something she came up with on her own. I don't really know what to do with these, because I don't know how to quilt yet. Someone suggested tying them, and I might do that. Right now I'm just thrilled to have them.

The reason I love these two quilt tops is because they remind me of when I was a little girl. Granny had tons of quilts, and we would sleep under them at night. I love sleeping under quilts! They're so heavy, but they keep you warm without roasting you. I have another old quilt of Granny's that's finished, and do you know what the inside of it is? Another old quilt! I know this because it has holes in it and the inside is visible in there. These quilts aren't pretty, like the ones you see today; they were made for using in the house when the fire was banked at night! They are beautiful in my eyes because of whose hands made them!

Here is the first one:

The second one, with the pansies:

And a closeup of the pansy quilt top:

One final thing. Today would have been my mother's birthday, had she lived this long. She would have been 62 today. I just can't imagine her that age! LOL She died when she was 37. Now that I'm past 37, I realize more and more just how young that was. But here's the thing: I used to mourn over her life being so short. When I was 37, on the day that she had lived to, I moped around most of the day, thinking of how I didn't feel at all ready to die, as in living a long life. I finally went to my bed and lay down and said, "Lord, her life ended too early!" I was quite the little stinker about it. But when I got still enough to hear the Lord, a still small voice in my heart said, "Her life didn't end that day - it was only the beginning." All I could do was cry! It's true. Our lives here are just the preliminaries, you know?! We should live each day with eternity in view, because when your final day on earth ends, your first day of eternity begins - think of it! So now I don't mourn her young passing, although there are times that I still think of her and miss her; I rejoice that she is well, that she has still only just begun her life in Heaven, 25 years later, and that I have the same hope that she did!


  1. Susan, I'm sure the kit supplies will do just fine starting out. I know the mats do get expensive the larger they are. We use Michael's 40%-off-one-item coupons a lot for larger items like that. But isn't it exciting just having the supplies in hand and ready to begin?! :)

    I'd say you could always sell it later and buy another one if you find it's too small.

    Thanks for answering my question. I'm not sure what color scheme I would try although I'm partial to purple combinations for my own bedroom.

  2. oops, p.s....I meant to comment on the pictures of the quilts. They do look like very treasured old-time quilts--the ones that bring back so many memories. I'm sure you wouldn't take anything for them!

    I have a quilt my mom made from leftover material of all our old dresses and also some of her clothes and my dad's light blue suit. Every time I see some of those blocks I remember each of our outfits from years ago. It is definitely a treasure.

  3. Thanks for easing my mind a bit about the kit supplies. I used my Michael's 40$ off coupon to buy it, as I needed a cutter, mat, and ruler all three. The coupon made the kit affordable.

    I'm very excited to have the kit! LOL I keep looking around for something to cut in straight lines! ;)

  4. Susan, those quilt tops are beautiful! The second quilt is called a Jacob's Ladder quilt. There are different variations of this quilt, but as soon as I saw it, I was pretty sure that's what it is. I did a google search and confirmed that it is indeed a Jacob's Ladder!

  5. Tammy, thank you for identifying that quilt top for me!!!! I'm so pleased to know what the pattern is. I'm going to look it up and see some others in that pattern.

  6. Susan, I loved the end of your post about your mother. I'm 37 and that DOES seem young (o;.

    What a wonderful attitude you have about her passing and how comforting to know that she's in heaven, waiting for you. My mom isn't saved and not interested in being saved and that grieves my heart so MUCH!

  7. Dear Susan,
    What you said about your Mom was very encouraging to me...I lost my dear Mom 16 years ago at the age of 54 (I also lost my Dad 3 years ago).

    God bless,


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