Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back on My Own Computer

We're trying this again. My laptop died back in December. Just wouldn't boot up one morning. I thought I had killed it somehow, but Wes assured me I had done nothing wrong. We had a new hard drive put in, but it still didn't work. Wes talked to his brother who is a computer tech for some big company in Charlotte (this guy has a cushy job - he actually gets to travel all over the country to computer shows or conferences or something, with the computer guys, just in case their computers mess up - wow!). He knows all about laptops and what makes them tick, but he couldn't help either. Wes, my Computer Genius, couldn't figure it out either.

So I gave up and began sharing my daughter's computer. Not ideal, but workable. I customized my settings and all that stuff, got my e-mail folders all set up, started another list of favorites - I'm always finding new ones - perfectly content (well, almost) to share a computer for however long I had to. Which was looking like a long time. After all, we had started out with just one computer, way back there in our early computer days. I was a bit spoiled having my own computer anyway.

So, after the computer sat on my desk for a couple of months while we debated what to do with it, Wes finally decided to try to sell it for parts. But just to be sure it's really dead, he pushed the power button one more time. It came on. Booted up. Ran. Perfectly. So he put the stuff I need back on (you know, the internet, network card, e-mail . . . oh, and Word), and it's now back on my desk, working like a charm. I'm not getting too comfy just yet, but it sure is nice to have my very own space back.


  1. I get SO attached to MY settings, etc! It is pathetic, lol.

    I'm glad you aren't displaced anymore! Boy can I relate--about 6 months ago my computer crashed and I was using my husband's out in the barn--I felt LOST, lol!)

    Thanks also for sharing the link to Nanette's singing! I enjoyed it. Three cheers for Nanette! (Couldn't comment as my blog isn't a blogger account.)

  2. Susan, I know exactly what you mean! I've sure enjoyed having my own laptop since August (anniv present). But for some reason everyone thinks I'm glued to it. I'm not...really. :)


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