Saturday, February 25, 2006


I think our ladies' meeting was a success! We had 6 ladies there besides myself. We had a bit of a mixup about the room we were meeting in. Wes had told me where the room was at the rec centre, but he didn't tell me the name of it. I went to the wrong room! It was locked, of course, so I had to call the maintenance crew to find out what was going on. They looked on their schedule and saw that we were supposed to be in the Oak Room; I had gone to the Chestnut Room, and that's the room I had told the ladies to go to! So I had one lady wait there to direct the ladies to the correct room, and I dashed down to set up our refreshments. I made a quick sign to put on the door of the wrong room so that any latecomers would know what had happened. So we didn't get started till past 2:15 . . . we were supposed to be out of the room at 3:00!

We basically just had some fellowship and refreshments, and I talked to the ladies about my hopes for our ladies' group. One of the things I mentioned was having a nursing home ministry, and one of our newest ladies really lit up over that and said she would love to be a part of that. So this next week Wes and I will get on the phone to some of the nursing homes and see if they have anything that we can do in the way of ministering to the elderly folks. I'm very excited to see the spirit of ministry in my ladies!

We're also going to do prayer partners. Each lady is filling out a sheet with some basic information about herself, along with any prayer requests she has, and then we'll exchange them. The idea is to get us praying for each other and caring about what goes on in our lives beyond the church services. I think it will be good for all of us to pray for and with each other!

The devotion went well, I think. I saw heads nodding - were they agreeing with me or sleeping?! We finished up around 3:15, later than we should have, but no one was waiting to get in when we came out. At this point, these meetings will be quarterly, but I'm hoping to have them monthly by the end of the year. Thank you to all of you who left comments that you were praying for us! That meant so much to me! Your prayers make you a part of reaching the people here in North Vancouver, and you will receive blessings just for taking a part in our ministry by praying.

Here's a picture I wanted to share with you. These are my ladies! Aren't they beautiful?!


  1. Susan so glad to hear you had a good tiem and all ended up great! :)

    PRaying for you and your ladies!

  2. Glad it went well! I know that was an encouragement to you!
    Speaking of nursing homes, my family and I went to one today. Our church has a few services each Sun. at nursing homes and today was our first day going. We enjoyed it!


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