Friday, February 10, 2006

The Painters Are Coming

Today the painters are coming to paint the trim on our cabinets and take the doors off in preparation for the new doors. I wasn't sure what to move, so I just took things off the sides of the cabinets and off the countertops. If they need more moved, I'll do it when they get here. I sure hope they don't need everything moved out of the cabinets! I don't think they're painting the insides, though.

The cabinet man comes on Monday to install our new doors. We'll just have open-style cabinets over the weekend. I've seen pictures of open cabinets, with no doors on them, but I don't think mine would look as nice as the pictures I've seen . . . at least not without some major organizing!

For the first time ever, I bought some pre-made pizza shells for supper tonight. I always make our dough, but I wasn't sure how long the painters would be here, so Wes said to just get a package of those shells. It'll be kinda nice to just spread the sauce onto the shells and bake them. You think I'll get spoiled?!?! New cabinet doors AND pre-made pizza shells in one day!

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