Monday, February 06, 2006

I Have to Apologize!

I was going to post pictures of our anniversary today, but I have been on the move all day long. Mondays are our "day off" so to speak, since we "work" all weekend, so it's our errand day. I went with Wes to run some errands this morning, then when we got home I had a headache that was only getting worse, so I took some Tylenol and lay down for a nap after lunch. We were due to have dinner with friends, and we were scheduled to sing at their church tonight. We left for their house shortly after 3:00 and didn't arrive back home till after 9:00 tonight . . . with my headache still there! It's easing off now, but it's still not gone. I think a good night's sleep is all that's going to take care of it. So I've just had a packed day and couldn't get here till now.

Now . . . our anniversary service! I don't have pictures downloaded yet, so none of those yet, but it was a great day. Our goal for the Sunday morning service was 50, and our final count was 54!!! We were so excited! Our average attendance is just over 20, so we more than doubled our Sunday morning crowd. Now if they'd all just come back every week! We had the Evergreen State Quartet in to sing for us - old-fashioned Southern Gospel, which our people loved! LOL Wes preached an excellent, clear salvation message, but no one was saved in the service. We were able to get around to speak to each person who came and got some good prospects to follow up on. Hopefully some of them will come back again and hear more of the Gospel and be saved! Several people came because of the John & Romans we mailed out, some came because of our weekly newspaper ad, and others came because our people invited them. It's a lot of hard work, but if one person will be saved, it'll be worth it. God's Word won't return void!

We also had a potluck dinner after the service, which our ladies did a fantastic job preparing for. They wanted to do the potluck, and they worked hard to make it a success. I made a banana pudding, something that most of the people there had never heard of, and it was a hit. Some of the folks didn't get any, so I've committed to make at least one more here shortly so that they can try it too.

I promise to have pictures as soon as possible. They are all of the potluck; no one thought to take any during the service - we really were excited! LOL But you will get to see the great variety of people we had Sunday - the people you have been praying for!


  1. Susan, thanks for telling us about your Sunday anniversary; we're looking forward to seeing the folks you minister to when you post pictures! Glad it all went well.

    Your one sentence that stated, "God's Word does not return void" is so true. Who knows what will happen in the lives of folks who received the John/Romans booklets! (I had forgotten exactly when you were mailing them out. I need to pray that folks will read them and not throw them aay and that those words will penetrate their hearts!)

    p.s. we love banana pudding! :)

  2. Congratulations on a great turn out. (and we love nana pudding too :0))
    Our church is planning a friend day in March - everybody is supposed to bring a friend. Our missionaries in Hungary do this every year and the church has really grown.
    I've started a blog so my user name is now Mrs. M instead of Vicki but I'm still Vicki :0)

  3. That is very exciting about all those who came! Let us know if any of them come back or get saved.
    By the way, if our family had been there, we would have taken over the picture taking for you. :) LOL!

  4. How very exciting to read about the marvelous works that the Lord is doing! I was just blogging by and came across your blog. Now I'll be a regular reader of your blog. :D God bless you, your family and your church.

    ps. I love banana pudding too. It is a regular thing to make here in the deep south where I am. hehe

  5. Thanks, ladies, for the kind comments on our anniversary Sunday. Wes is in the process of downloading pictures from Sunday onto our church website, so maybe I can direct you to them or post them here tonight.

    Deb, you have a reward in these folks that are coming, too, you know! We'll keep you updated on how things are going!

    Vicki, a Friend Day sounds great! I think people really respond to their friends taking the initiative to invite them to church. I wonder how many people have been saved after being invited to a special day at church?!

    Courtney, come on up anytime and we'll let you sing, play the piano, and take all the pictures you want to!

    And Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by to read! I hope you'll enjoy my little ramblings!


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