Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, it's a few hours early, but who's counting? It seems like we've been anticipating the day all weekend. I guess that's because we were having our Valentine's dinner tonight for our church couples, which ended up being just Wes and me and one other couple, due to work schedules and family illnesses. But we had a nice time with the one couple who was able to come, so all is well. We went to Kelsey's, which Wes and I just love, and had a good couple of hours of fellowship.

Wes sent me out on some errands today, knowing that I'd be gone at least a couple of hours (how did he know that?!). I did not want to go shopping today, believe it or not, but he needed me to run these errands. So out I went around 2:00. When I got home, I went about my business, which at the time was going up to his office to show him what I'd found while I was out! I had a thought about some candles in the hall closet, and I ran to get them, but decided not to use them at the moment, so Wes suggested that I just put them in our bedroom. I walked into our bedroom, and immediately started to shout in excitement! Wes had gone and bought two nightstands to match our headboard, and had put them together and set them up while I was gone! That sneaky, conniving man! LOL Sending me out when I didn't really want to go, just so he could sneak around and give me something! When we moved here, we had started over with our bedroom furniture. We bought the headboard about 6 months after we got here, but we didn't have the money for nightstands at the time. I've been using a packing box with a tablecloth thrown over it (a very ugly one at that!) on his side of the bed, and a lap desk on the floor on my side of the bed. Every now and then I'd look at that hideous tablecloth and wish for the nightstands to match my headboard, but I wouldn't ask for them. Wes knew I had wanted them, and now he got them for me. What a guy!

I am really, really spoiled today . . . my new cabinet doors were installed this morning! They look so good! It's amazing what a difference just new doors can make in a kitchen. I have before pictures, but due to the aforementioned errand-running, I haven't had time to take a picture of them. I'll have to take pics first thing tomorrow morning and get them posted. It's really a blessing! The maintenance guy dropped by to see how the installation was going, and he asked how I rated being so spoiled with such nice cabinets. All I could say was, "God sure is good to me!"


  1. I can't wait to see pictures--of the night stands and the cabinet doors!

  2. I forgot to take pictures of the nightstands! I need to do a before and after of those too.

  3. I think it's neat that you get excited over nightstands. I almost posted a poll asking if wives would rather have for Valentine's:

    a) candy
    b) flowers
    c) dinner out
    d) a new appliance

    I'd pick a new appliance (fridge or dishwasher) without even thinking! :)

  4. Deb, I would love to have appliances now, but when we were first married, Wes bought me a new vacuum for our first Christmas together. I know my reaction was less than enthusiastic! LOL He has told our sons not to buy their wives appliances or anything sensible for several years after they get married! I do like to get those new things now, and I do love my nightstands. And there have been many, many Valentine's Days with no gifts between us, and those were fine too. The Lord was good to enable to spend on each other this year.


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