Sunday, February 19, 2006


Tonight after church we decided to play Phase 10 with the kids. We sat down at 8:00, and for the first little bit, we all acted like civilized, sane human beings. But as the evening wore on, we slipped a bit and ended up all laughing, Wes so hard that his face was red and tears were running down his face. If I had been laughing that hard, I would have been snorting! LOL I can't even remember everything we were laughing at. We started out with skit ideas and it went downhill from there!

We get like this every now and then. If we happen to be in public when it happens, we get some odd looks, and occasionally someone will come up to us (usually an older person) and tell us how nice it is to see a family enjoying each other. Now isn't that sad? But it's true - you don't see very many families actually laughing together. Well . . . unless it's a young family with toddlers and they're having a good time with their babies. You rarely see teens laughing with their parents. They may be causing a ruckus with their friends, and you're not quite sure what they're laughing at - you, maybe? But rarely laughing with their parents.

What enables us to laugh with our kids? We like them! All that training you do when they're little pays off. It gives you children that you can still have conversations with and laugh with when they're teenagers. Most people told us that these teen years would be horrible, but so far, I'm glad to say that the Lord has been good and allowed us to have good times with our teens. Yes, folks, train your kids well, spend some time with them, and someday you too will give yourself a headache from laughing too hard while you play Phase 10!


  1. What fun, and what a joy! I pray that I'm raising children who will become young ladies (and a young man) we can laugh with, through the teen years and beyond! Hey, I hope they will laugh with me as they push my wheel chair when I'm old.

    Three cheers for you, enjoying those young people and being a FAMILY!

  2. Some of my favorite memories of my teenage years are of laughing with my family. We had a lot of fun around the dining room table.

  3. I love it. I remember laughing so hard with our kids that...some of us.. ;) .. would wet their pants. Those make (not wetting the pants) the best memories. Keep on laughing and when their gone, you get to laugh with inlaws, outlaws, and grandbabies (still waiting for those..)

  4. Amen, Sister! We love to laugh and have a good time with our teens (4 of them) and our middleschooler as well. I always thought having teens would be a nightmare since that's what everybody told us. But I'm happy to say that building a good relationship with your kids when they're young really helps!

  5. I thought I had left a comment earlier, but I can't find it. My fear was that I had made a comment on the wrong post, but I still couldn't find it! :)
    Anyway, as I said earlier ( either in the body or out, I can't tell ), my family gets crazy late at night. I LOVE family times!


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