Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Seems like life is about change. We're making a change here with our mid-week Bible study. Since we started this study over a year ago, we've held it in our home each Wednesday night, with the ultimate goal to move it to the rec centre where we hold our Sunday services. Well, through various circumstances and discussion, it seems that time has come! The rec centre doesn't have any rooms available on Wednesday night, but they do have the same two that we use on Sundays available on Thursday nights. So we're moving our mid-week Bible study to Thursday nights at 7:30 at the rec centre. Wes and I both feel that this will be a good change. We live in a townhouse, and although the walls are pretty sturdy, some sound does get through, especially with the children having their Patch the Pirate Club. We'd like to keep a good testimony with our neighbours! We don't have any proof, but we also feel that visitors might be more comfortable meeting in a public place than in a private home. Our Patch Club will have more room to play games and we can sing to the top of our lungs if we need to. They can also sit up in chairs instead of lounging on beds: we've been in an upstairs bedroom with 4 children, Andrew, and me, two beds and a desk, with a white board set up on an easel - kinda crunched! I'm excited to have more room!

This will be really weird for our family though! LOL My dad and Wes's dad were both saved in 1972, and every Wednesday night for the past 34 years, Wes and I have been in church. Our children have been to church every Wednesday night of their lives (all barring illness or emergency, of course - very rare, though!). Now we'll be staying home on Wednesday and going to church on Thursday! Is that legal in a Baptist church?! ;) Change. Gotta love it!


  1. This is exciting! You'll get used to the change! I've been in two Baptist churches that met on Thursday nights instead of Wednesday nights!

  2. I know of a church that used to have their mid-week on a Thur.
    Also, traveling to see our family one Wed., we decided to attend a church where we knew of the pastor ( we heard him preach at Faith Baptist Camp ). We went out of our way and made it just in time.....only to find out that they had their mid-week on a Tue.!


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