Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Good Sunday

We had a good group of people for church this morning. Five of our visitors from last week returned today! I was so pleased to see them! Three women and two children came. My Sunday school class, including toddlers, had eight kids this morning. Now THAT excites me! The littlest guys don't sit the whole time (that's why we have someone come in who can take the little ones over to the toys and play with them), but they are in Sunday school where they can learn the songs about Jesus and hear the stories. As they get older, they will begin to sit and pay attention. One little girl who has been coming the entire year since we started, is just three years old, but she has begun to sit with us to sing, and sometimes she'll even sit for most of the story. My older kids love the story time, which isn't really a time for "stories" but the Bible lesson. I always have a lesson from the Bible, no matter what else goes on. We're having a memory verse contest during this series of lessons, and they're really excited about that! I have three faithful kids who come every week, and I'm hoping that this contest will motivate more kids to come consistently for this six weeks.


  1. That is a blessing and exciting!

  2. Did you end up getting pictures of your church family at your anniversary day the other week?

  3. Deb, the pics are downloaded to one of the computers (but not the one I use!), and I'll have to find them. I am so behind on posting pictures of things!


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