Sunday, February 26, 2006

2010, Here We Come!

We're watching the re-broadcast tonight of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. The only thing I was interested in was seeing Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan accept the Olympic flag to begin the official march to the 21st Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver in 2010. I'm a very excitable and kind of sappy person, so I alternated between laughing and crying as I heard the Canadian national anthem sung, then watched Mayor Sullivan accept the Olympic flag. You may not realize that Mayor Sullivan is quadriplegic. A special holder was adapted to his wheelchair to hold the flag, and Mr. Sullivan proudly moved his wheelchair in circles in order to wave the flag! I don't know very much about him, other than he has a terrific sense of humor, but from what I've seen of him, I deeply admire his determination to lead a normal life and his reaching the top of Vancouver's city government. I was very pleased to see our city so well-represented to the world!

So Vancouver is now officially the next Olympic city. There is construction going on everywhere; the goal is to have the Olympic venues ready 2 years ahead of the Olympics to give the athletes time to practice in them. Roads are being widened, consideration is being given to providing dedicated lanes for Olympic traffic, and rental housing prices are expected to go even higher in anticipation of the masses of people who will be moving here for a month or so who can and will pay more than most of us can afford to. Traffic will probably be horrendous. The skiing events will take place at Whistler, which can only be reached by crossing the Lions Gate Bridge to the North Shore and following Highway 99, the Sea to Sky Highway. I've heard rumblings of other avenues of transportation, such as a tunnel, but I don't know details of any of those things. There will be lots of headaches, I'm sure!

BUT . . . the whole world will be coming to Vancouver in February, 2010! Does that bring anything to mind for you? "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel . . . " The world is coming to us! The other independent Baptist churches in our area, along with ours, are planning massive tract distributions for those two weeks, advertising in information packets - any and every way we can think of to get the Gospel into as many hands as we can. What an opportunity! What are a few headaches, compared to the opportunity to witness to people from all over the world?!


  1. That is neat. Hope everything goes well in the preparations. Is Don Johnson the pastor of the other Independent Baptist Church?

  2. Susan, what an amazing opportunity to witness to others! Wow! That is so neat.

  3. Vic, we know and fellowship with several independent Baptist pastors in the Greater Vancouver area. Where exactly is Pastor Johnson? I don't believe I've met him yet.

  4. Sorry Susan,

    I thought that Don was in Vancouver, but he has a church in Victoria. At least both start with a V. LOL

    It looks close on the map except for the water.

  5. Victoria is pretty close . . . on the map! LOL That little bitty strip of water takes a bit of money and a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to get across! I was really shocked at the expense and time it takes!


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