Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What a Blessing!

I mentioned Freecycle a few weeks ago. It seems that the Lord is using Freecycle to provide things when we need them. We needed an extra lamp in the living room, because we have no overhead lighting in there, and the very day we voiced that to each other, someone offered two floor lamps on our Freecycle, and we got them.

I've been losing a little weight, and one of the things I always worry about when I try to lose weight is what I'm going to wear and how I'm going to afford clothes during the transition time, before I lose all I need to lose. Saturday, I saw an ad on Freecycle for some clothes in my size that had belonged to a grandmother who had passed away. Now, normally I wouldn't want a grandmother's clothes, but this one said she was very stylish and had taken great care of her clothes. I figured I had nothing to lose other than a drive to get the clothes, so I replied to the message, and the lady said I could have them. Wes and I went last night to pick them up. We couldn't believe what we saw when we got there: four bags of skirts and suits on hangers, five bags of sweaters, tops, purses, and more skirts, a large gift bag of scarves, and a box of shoes and belts! Wes just groaned, but we loaded them up and brought them home. When I got them home, I was pleasantly surprised to find a full-length suede coat, a couple of suede skirts, five or six wool skirts, quite a few sweaters and tops, and three pairs of shoes that I can wear! I looked up tying scarves online, and I think I'm going to keep a few scarves, too. I'm not much of a belt person, so I only kept one of those, along with three skirt hangers; I'm of the opinion that you can't have too many skirt hangers. I also chose a pair of leather gloves out of several pair that were in there. The rest of the clothes we're taking to a local charity that provides nice outfits for women re-entering the workforce who don't have the money to buy new clothes to go on interviews. We think they'll be able to put them to good use! There are a couple of suede suits in there that I really wanted to be able to wear, but they were too big. They'll look so nice on someone!

I almost forgot to tell you . . . the transition . . . most of these clothes will fit me for quite a while. Being that they were free, I feel that they are a blessing from the Lord, just to let me know that He'll see me through this weight-loss thing - I don't have to worry about what to wear. Just like the lilies, huh? And my name means "Lily" in the Hebrew language! LOL


  1. That is a blessing!
    The Lord has clothed us many times too. He has several times allowed us to be at a store whenever they are marking their seasonal clothes down dirt cheap and has let us find really nice things at yard sales and Good-Will stores too. My momma has even found matching dresses for my 2 sisters at Good-Wills. One set was at two DIFFERENT stores! Can you believe that? :)

  2. What a wonderful blessing! Have fun with those scarves.


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