Thursday, January 05, 2006

We're Up Late Tonight

Wes and the kids are watching a movie we borrowed from a friend. It's a fighting, space, warship movie. I'm really not interested in it, so I'm in the living room with them, doing my own thing. I hope that's not too bad of me. Wes said it was fine with him if I didn't want to watch the movie, and his opinion is the one that matters!

Today was grocery day. Since right before Christmas, I've been getting to the store at opening time, which is 9:00. I love it! The store is still fairly empty and well-stocked, and I can get in and out and back home putting the groceries away by 11:00, and I still have the whole day ahead of me. But not today. Nope. It wasn't meant to be. First of all, I didn't go to bed till midnight last night. I've had trouble falling asleep the past few nights, so I stayed up till I was sleepy . . . or so I thought. I laid awake till 1:00. Then I woke up again at 2:30 and had trouble going back to sleep. Then Wes woke me this morning telling me it was 5 till 8, I needed to hurry if I was going to be at the store by 9:00. I looked at my clock and said, quite positively, "It's only 6:20!", knowing that he was wrong, of course. His electric digital against my battery-powered analog - yeah, he's wrong! He said, quite positively himself, "I'm looking at the clock, and it's 7:55." So I raise up to look over his shoulder (surely I must check, as he is quite daft at 6:20 in the morning), and sure enough, shock of all shocks - it's almost 8:00!!! My poor little clock's battery had died during the night (I knew it was getting close to dying). Actually, it had died at 5:20, not 6:20, as I was so sure I had read.

So anyway, I got up, showered and dressed, ate a bowl of cereal . . . and helped Beth clean the hamster's cage! No, I didn't immediately leave for the store! Finally, after an hour of taking care of Miss Sasha and watching her play happily in her nice, clean home, I told Samuel we needed to go. He has his driver's permit, so we let him drive whenever we can. He drove me to the shopping centre near our house to go to the bank to get money. My debit card wouldn't work. I called Wes to find out the PIN number, and together we remembered that that particular card never has worked, and that I'd have to come back home and get his card. So back home we go to get the card (with my son driving his very best, but Mama still so very nervous - do I get a reward in Heaven for allowing my son to drive me all over creation, clutching madly at the door handle all the way?), then back to the centre and get the grocery money. Then on to the farm market in the centre, and finally down to the grocery store. By the time I got there, it was 11:00. I was still out by 12:00 and back home soon after that. I thought I was doing good, but by the time I put away the groceries and fixed lunch (and checked my e-mail very quickly), it was time for an appointment that Wes had made. Thankfully it was with a man who is a friend and is learning to expect these things! Anyway, I felt like I was running all day. She who rises late must trot all day, proven in the life of this wife and mama today. Oh yeah - there's a new battery in the clock.

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  1. Cute, cute post Susan. I loved reading about your day! I can identify with so many things: being in the same room with my family 'doing my thing' but not watching their videos, sleeplessness, clutching the passenger side door (LOL), and running all over and getting in late to fix a meal!

    Thanks for sharing your life :)


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