Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . Please???

Pretty please, with sugar on top? Today makes 23 straight days of rain. The record is 28, and since there's no end in sight, it's looking like we might just break that record this week. It's not just misty or cloudy; it's POURING rain. We get the occasional break in the clouds, and boy is it ever cheerful to see just a tiny bit of blue sky, but then the rain sets in again. The weather forecasters tell us that this is a line of storm systems backed up all the way to Japan. This picture is the Lions Gate Bridge, spanning the harbour looking into North Vancouver. This is a pretty accurate picture of how it looks here most of the winter! There's a whole city and mountains that come almost to the bridge, but you can't see them right now! LOL

This time last year we had the Pineapple Express, a wave of warm, rainy weather that comes up from Hawaii, but this is not that. We also had a mudslide last year, in which two houses were swept off their foundations and a lady was killed. On the long-range forecast, we're seeing rain, rain, snow, rain, rain, snow, rain . . . you get the idea. I just have to stay busy, keep the curtains open as much as I can each day, and bask in the sunshine that's in my heart! LOL


  1. Susan, thanks for the picture and post--it's great to get a better idea of where you are and your daily situation. (In another blog I read--Carol is begging for rain in Texas. They haven't had rain in 6 weeks or more I think she said. Wouldn't it be great if you could send her some of yours? :) )

    Question: Can you tell us how the name Lions Gate came about?

    I had previously seen the name of your church was Lions Gate Baptist...but just thought that was your husband's biblical name for your new church...as in "lion standing at the gate" or something. LOL! But now I realize it's the whole entire area since the bridge is named Lions Gate Bridge.

    Just curious if the Lions Gate area has a story behind it. Thanks :)

  2. (I just rechecked, and Carol says 180 days w/o rain...that's 6 months not 6 weeks!!! If that's right, wow, unbelievable!)

  3. Vicki7:51 AM

    Never commented before, but I do read you blog regularly. There are many out there but their all written by youngsters (not that they don't have anything to say, but I'm beyond their stage in life)so I was glad to find your site. Know any more :0)? Anyway I live in Michigan and we haven't seen the sun since a week before Christmas, it peeked out yesterday, and its raining today - again. Where is our snow......

  4. Deb, I feel so bad for TX and OK right now! We've been watching the news headlines from down there. We remember how bad it got there in the summer many times, all the grass fires and such as that. It's awful when it gets so dry. I'd love it if we could share our rain with them!


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