Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Modest Formalwear

A friend of mine asked me today to look up some sites with modest bridesmaids' dresses. I thought I'd share the best links I found, since the bridal/prom season is coming up. I'd love to have an online business someday offering modest formalwear, but so far I don't have the right equipment or the experience in fitting that I'd need. That's a dream that's in the background at the moment! Here are the links I sent to my friend:

Totally Modest
Latter Day Bride
Mormon Chic (this one has some links to find modest dresses)
LDS Bridal & Prom (look in the prom clearance section - a few good prices there)

I must add that not all the dresses on all the sites are ones that I would recommend, but each site had at least a few dresses that would be acceptable. Also, several of them are LDS (aka Mormon) sites. Just for the record, I do not condone the LDS church at all, but I'm not in this to discuss LDS doctrine!


  1. I don't recommend most of the dresses at The Bridal Online Store

    Actually it was very hard to find the wedding dress that I did buy but it wasn't very expensive

    Again let me say that I do believe that there were only about 10 or so wedding dress that I considered.

  2. Was there one at the store you mentioned, Corene? I don't have that one on my list! Thanks for your input.

  3. Vicki7:23 AM

    Thanks for posting those. With #1 daughter getting married - hopefully soon :0) we will be looking again for a modest gown. #2 daughter was a nightmare trying to find one, we ended up having a modesty panel put in the front of the one we finally found. It looked really good though.
    Thanks again.

  4. I revised the link to go straight to the 6 pages of the The Bridal Online Store
    Also I went through all 6 pages and checked out the dresses.
    Page 1 - no modest dresses
    Page 2 - 1 maybe 2 modest dresses
    Page 3 - 4 modest dresses
    Page 4 - 1 modest dress
    Page 5 - 11 modest dresses
    Page 6 - 5 modest dresses

    And on page 6 is the dress that I bought. 3 rows from the bottom style 156.

  5. Thanks, Corene! The dress you chose is beautiful!!! I also liked the style Myra on page 5. I love the swishy look in the front and the drape in the back. Even though I've been married 21 years, I still love to look at wedding dresses - I'm just a girl, I guess!

  6. Since my two girls were asked to find a pattern and/or dress for the bridesmaids' dresses that they were comfortable with, we looked at a lot of sites...including the LDS site. We didn't have a lot of success. So the bride decided to pick a dress--sleeveless, but it has a cowl neckline. So the front is fine, the back is not.

    So, we ordered an extra yard of material, and she's going to make sleeves for my daughters and fix a semi-cowl in back--hopefully, they won't stand out too much walking down the aisle when everyone else's dresses aren't fixed that way. But my husband says, GREAT that they stand out for decency. :)


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