Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's a Conservative Government . . . For a While, Anyway

Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative Party in Canada, is the newly-elected Prime Minister, thanks in large part to the rural citizens of Canada. In the major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, the Liberals or the NDP were the winners. We heard on the news last night that Harper will have "a good year to 18 months" to apply his policies. The majority of the seats in Parliament are still Liberal, so they will probably have another vote to "throw the bum out" and bring on another election in another year. It seems unusual to me, but this is how the Canadian government is done.

On the subject of politics, the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton is appearing in Vancouver on March 10 as part of a series of motivational speakers. The ad for his appearance proclaims his "core values of building community, creating opportunity, and demanding responsibility [that] resulted in unprecedented progress for America." Demanding responsibility? That's a new one. He might try taking responsibility for a change. Unprecedented progress for America? My husband was in the US Air Force during Clinton's administration. We didn't notice much progress in the military. In fact, the base at which we were stationed in Ft. Worth was one of the ones closed during the downsizing of the military. Not much progress at all for the west side of Ft. Worth. Building community meant "global village." No, thanks! I'm not a great fan of Bill Clinton, as you might guess, but he is loved and revered in Canada, as a general rule. One of the questions we were asked at the border by the customs official processing our paperwork, when he saw that we would be working with a Baptist Church, was "Isn't Bill Clinton a Baptist?" Wes laughed and said, "Yes, but we don't claim him!" Oh, my!

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