Tuesday, January 17, 2006


We're rejoicing tonight in the birth of our pastor's first grandson, Seth William Schepers. Seth's parents are our friends Stu and Donna, who live in Ontario, Canada. Stu went to college down in Oklahoma, where he met our pastor's daughter, Donna, and now he pastors a church in Ontario. They already have two girls, and now Seth has joined the family. Our pastor and his wife are on their way to Ontario from Texas to meet him.


  1. Susan, where in Ontario? Just wondering if I am close to them or not?

  2. They're in Alliston. Is that near you? I never even thought of you possibly being near them, or I would have mentioned it sooner.

  3. Alliston is about 3 hours away. But I will keep them in mind if we are travelling that way and need a church on a Sunday.


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