Saturday, January 28, 2006

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been busy so far. Beth's birthday is tomorrow, so we had a party for her last night with some of her friends. I took them to Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford, about an hour away. They played mini-golf and rode bumper cars, then I took all of them home. These five girls are from four different churches; they all meet at youth conferences and camp, and call and e-mail each other in between. There aren't many families who have the same beliefs and standards that we do, so we encourage our children in their friendships with those who do. It was sweet to watch six girls, all acting and dressed like young ladies, out playing and having a good time without terrorizing those around them! LOL

One of the girls lives up the coast a bit, and had to take the ferry to get here - that's the only way to get to and from where she lives! So her mom rode down with her, we picked her up, she spent the night with us, and we took her to meet her dad at the ferry terminal this morning. I'm so glad her parents allowed her to come to Beth's party! The ferry terminal she went through was Horseshoe Bay, a beautiful little village with perfect scenery. I just loved driving over there this morning. The mountains all have a fresh dusting of snow, and it looked like God had taken a sifter full of powdered sugar and sprinkled it all around the mountains. I couldn't help but thank Him for the beautiful scenery He gave us this morning!

The sun peeked out for a bit this morning, so we scooted out the door to do some door-to-door tract distribution and witnessing. Wes and I met several people who were interested in what we had to say, and all the people we met were friendly (which is a bit unusual!). We met one lady named Fran, a Muslim lady who is being discipled by Jehovah's Witnesses because she is searching for the truth. Wes talked to her quite a bit, but she's never heard the Gospel at all, so we will have to pray for her and take some time with her for her to understand it. One of the things she said was, "If I become a Christian, when I go home to my country, I will be in trouble." We forget, being in North America, that being a "Christian" means far more than just being a good person; it does mean forsaking all other religions and gods, trusting and claiming Christ as God and Lord. For a Muslim or Buddhist, it indeed means far more than it does to us who have been raised in a "Christian" nation. Christianity is not mere religion, but to the unsaved, it is just another religion, and becoming a Christian, in many parts of the world, is a serious offense. Please pray for Fran as she searches for the Truth; we know Him and can introduce her to Him!

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  1. Susan, sounds like your daughter had a fun time with her friends.

    What a beautiful area you live in--another pretty picture! Hope you are going on plenty of field trips, taking pictures, and learning all about your area. You could write a book!


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