Friday, January 13, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Well, I'm not too focused today! I'm SO sleepy, probably due to several things: overslept this morning (no problem sleeping last night! LOL), high-carb breakfast, and the rain. The rain has been incredible last night and this morning. Local authorities have put residents on alert in the mudslide area that was hit last year. They have to ready to leave at a moment's notice. We live in a part of North Van that is high, but we're not in danger of a mudslide in our area.

I'm a bit red in the face over the blog links I posted for Vicki! My only intention was to give her some blogs to try that were of more interest to those past the little-guy stage of life. Didn't mean to imply that anyone was older than they are or that the younger women with little ones have nothing to say worth reading - not at all! I don't consider myself all that "mature" or wise or anything like that, either; I just write what's going on in our life. I'm also very careful of the blogs I read, and even more careful of the ones I recommend. All of the ones I read, like, and recommend are in my sidebar. I'm sure there are tons more out there! Just don't click on "Random Blog" at the top of Blogger blogs - you might end up with just about anything.

I've been practicing some of my daughter's piano pieces. I've played the piano for about 30 years now, but I've had very little formal training. I play well enough for accompanying congregational singing at church, which is all I need to do anyway, but I've always felt that the lack of training in theory has held me back a bit in my improvising. So now that my daughter is at the point that I'm not really familiar with the material, I thought I'd learn what she's learning. The songs are still pretty easy, but the techniques and theory are things I've heard of but not learned thoroughly. Her teacher is thrilled that I'm learning too! LOL I've wanted to take more lessons, but maybe this will be the easier way. One thing that's different now than when I was a child is that I'm making the connections between the pieces I'm learning and the techniques or theory the piece is emphasizing. When I was a little girl, it was just a new song to play. I hated a lot of them then, but now I'm really enjoying the simplified classical pieces. And my daughter is doing SO much better than I did! I'm so pleased with how well she's doing.

I learned today that my grandmother's sister passed away last night. She had been very sick for a long time. The last time I saw her was in 1989, when Wes, Samuel, and I were in Florida on a trip to visit Wes's parents in Jamaica. We stopped and saw my aunt, and she just loved Samuel. She was a sweet lady. There are only 2 of my grandmother's siblings still alive now, a brother and a sister, out of a family of 8 or 9 siblings. The older generation is passing off the scene. It makes me realize that life is moving by very swiftly, much more swiftly than I realized it would. What am I leaving behind for the next generations? What am I making of my life?

On that note, somber as it is, I will go for now. My family is watching a movie once again (everyone is finished with school for the day), so I think I'll find something to do.

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  1. I think your post about the links you recommended was fine. Just my opinion, but I thought you were fine.
    Sorry to hear about the death in your family. I know what you mean about it making ya think! We attended a funeral just last week of a 44 year old saved man, and what a blessing! He had such a powerful testimony of faithfulness and humor! What an absolute blessing and what a legacy!


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