Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another Question

Vicki asked:
Never commented before, but I do read you blog regularly. There are many out there but their all written by youngsters (not that they don't have anything to say, but I'm beyond their stage in life)so I was glad to find your site. Know any more :0)?

Vicki, I'm so glad to "meet" you - thanks for reading! I know what you mean about so many blogs written for moms of small children. They are valuable and have good things to say that we can all glean from, but we do need to hear more from ladies who have been down the road a bit farther, too! Try some of the blogs I have listed in the left sidebar. My recommendations:
Mountain Musings
Homeliving Helper
Hosanna Ranch
Mrs. Happy Housewife
Time With Tami

While all of these still have children at home, they're geared more toward things that interest a broader range of women, rather than just women with small children at home. I hope you'll enjoy them; I sure do!


  1. Vicki4:05 AM

    Thanks for responding. I'll check out those sites. I do read Homeliving Helper and enjoy that one very much as well as LAF. Just for clarification I have three daughters. 22 waiting for her man to graduate from college she already has, a 21 year old married last June her and hubby are at Crown in Tenn finishing their degrees, and a 16 year old attending a christian school part time this year as I took a job as church secretary - all my children were/are homeschooled. My two oldest are/have married potential pastors. My 16 year old has a heart for Mexico we are waiting to see how the Lord leads her.
    I'm 45 :0)

  2. Thanks for the link, Susan. Just so everyone knows, though, I am a youngster. ;)

  3. Mrs. HH - I was almost afraid that you'd think I was saying you're NOT a youngster, but trust me, I wasn't! :D Two reasons for including yours in my short list of faves: you're not all about little kids, potty training, and birth stories, from coneption to delivery; and I like it!

  4. Vicki, I loved hearing about your girls! I've heard so much good about Crown; it seems to be one of the best colleges out there. My parents were missionaries in Mexico for several years, too, and my sister and her husband are missionaries there now. No matter how many go to Mexico, there's still a need for more!

  5. Oh, not that I want to be a youngster, I'm just afraid of misrepresenting myself as a wise and experienced lady, such as your self. :)(And I mean that truthfully. I'm not being facetious.)

    You're right, somehow I have neglected to post about potty training, 10-day labors, how we conceived, and such. Let me get right on that - NOT! :)(Now, I am being facetious.) Seriously, There are lot of fabulous women out there that do blog about such things but I've really never understood the need to do so. My philosophy is: "Thank you, Jesus, that is over. Let's move on now."


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