Friday, December 02, 2005

Some Christmas Fun

I feel like I'm getting a slow start getting back into blogging. I think of things all day, but just don't find the time to sit down and write. I guess that's probably normal after a holiday trip, though.

We are excited! Our family gets to be in the Christmas cantata at Greater Vancouver Baptist Church. Pastor Conner even came over to our house and asked us to be in it. Not in the choir, though; in the play. He wants us to act. Except in my case, it's not acting. This particular production is set in a southern town, so they needed a southern accent, and well . . . I'm the most southern accent they know! The cantata is Goodwill to Men, published by Majesty Music. It's been a hoot to practice here at home. Since our parts are in between songs, we don't have to be at the choir rehearsals until next week. I play the part of Willa, a middle-aged southern lady who has a tender heart but strong opinions. Wes is Schuyler, the owner of the Goodwill store, Samuel plays Ben, a rather simple young man who needs some love (and the Lord), and Andrew plays the policeman. There are some funny scenes, but the most important scene involves Schuyler leading Ben to the Lord. There's lots of beautiful music, of course. It'll be fun to do!

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  1. Our church did that Cantata last year. It was very nice. I hope you enjoy it.


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