Thursday, December 08, 2005

Practice, Practice, Practice

I tell you what . . . I'll never get rid of this southern accent now! The cantata we're acting in is set in a town in south Georgia, so I'm free to let loose with the thickest accent I can. It's working! We had our first full rehearsal tonight with the choir, children's choir, and the play, from start to finish. The music is absolutely beautiful! I love these things just for the music.

Several people came up to me after rehearsal and said things like, "That's a great accent you put on!" They are shocked when I tell them it's not put on (not much, anyway!), but that it's pretty close to what I grew up around. One lady said, "People actually talk like that?" It's SO much fun! LOL To be honest, I exaggerate the accent just a bit, but I have to speak slowly in order to be understood. So it feels like I'm reeaaalllyyy laying it on thick. Then it's hard to snap out of it when I'm not performing. I told Pastor Conner that this is ruining my Canadian accent. He saw . . . and appreciated . . . the humor in that statement!

Samuel is doing a fantastic job as Ben. There's a point where Ben states that no one would want to find someone like him (in reference to the Shepherd looking for His lost sheep), and it just breaks my heart! I think this play will be very effective. Everything works together so well to point to the Good Shepherd seeking the sheep that are still lost. And did I mention that I love the music?!


  1. OOOh it sounds like you're having so much fun!

    I always wanted a Southern accent or any other type of accent. ROFL My sisters and I talked to a lady who was from Maine, and she had the cutest accent. We asked her what we sounded like to her, and said, "The people on tv".

    Now that I'm in the midwest, I want a midwest accent. LOL But I'm not around enough people that actually talk that way. Oh well. I guess I'll just live with my "tv voice" for the rest of my life. :-)

  2. Tammy, we're so funny, aren't we? I've always wanted a TV accent! LOL I'd love to have a generic sound to me . . . but I'm hopelessly southern!

  3. You should here Spanish being talk by a true southerner. Don't feel bad. Never live in the Boston area but people always want to know where in the New England State I grew up. Best part about it is that I grew up in Greenville, SC and also near Chicago. LOL


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