Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Peaceful Holiday

Our family enjoyed a peaceful Christmas Day. That was mainly because we didn't have church till this afternoon though! We meet in a city recreation centre, so our building is a public building, and so it was closed on Christmas Day, of course. We borrowed another church's building for the afternoon, and it worked out fine. All of our people were there except for one man who had to work (he's a city bus driver), and we had a few folks who came with their family members. They've become friends already, so we were glad to have them in our service today. Their son comes on Wednesday nights to attend our Patch the Pirate Club. Wes preached about the things that were revealed to Simeon, the man who recognized Jesus as a baby in the temple when Mary and Joseph took him to be circumcised. There were lots of hugs and "Merry Christmas"es as we greeted our church family. It's amazing what a year brings, and one of the things this year brought was our hearts being knitted with the people that God has called us to minister to.

We were able to get a few things for each other this year. I didn't think through my purchases for Wes very well, and he ended up with ties and a shirt from me. I really think I could have done better, but he's not hard to please, either, so he seemed satisfied with them. Samuel gave him the neatest gift - a back massager that you put on the back of your chair. Wes already catches little naps in his office; I'll have to check in on him if he doesn't come out for a while!

When our children were younger, we would take all 3 kids to the dollar store and let them buy for each other. Now it's become a tradition, and it's so fun to see what they come up with at the dollar store. Their tastes have changed from toys, so sometimes it's a challenge to find something more appropriate as they get older. This year was not a disappointment, as we heard laughs and shouts over what the kids bought each other! Samuel has a little money of his own now, so he has stepped up to Wal Mart and more, but we still have fun with the dollar store. I bought stocking stuffers there this year.

As usual, my family spoiled me this year. Samuel gave me an assortment of candles. Andrew chose one of those poofy, soft, squishy pillows to give! He wouldn't be wanting to share that, would he? He loves soft pillows and blankets to snuggle up in, so I'm thinking he might want to share that pillow with Mom. I think I might manage that sometime! Beth got me a skein of Fun Fur (to make another scarf - this is becoming a habit) and a pouch for a gift that Wes gave me - a new cell phone! He actually upgraded his single plan to a family plan, and gave Samuel and me phones for Christmas. Through the deal, our phones were actually free, due to rebates. You can't beat that! And lastly, my honey gave me a CD player/radio, which is something I've really been wanting for a while. We have no way to play music in our bedroom, and that's where I love to relax with some books and music, and I also love to go to sleep to music playing. So he bought me a portable one that I can carry wherever I want it to be. I love it! It's been playing music non-stop since I opened it.

So once again, we've had a wonderful time together, giving gifts to each other and thanking God for His gifts in our lives. I hope that your day was peaceful too, and that you were blessed to remember God's blessings on your life!


  1. Hi, Susan! Love your blog.. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas!

    My home pastor preached about Simeon on Christmas morning too!

  3. Merry Christmas Susan!


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