Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Computer is Sick!

I'm on my husband's computer this morning. When I booted mine up, it told me that it found no operating system. Hmmm. That doesn't sound too good. Wes will try to fix it later today. Please pray that I haven't lost every single thing on my computer. I have all kinds of links and documents and other such stuff that I sure don't want to have to build up to again.

Tonight's the big night for our Open House, so I'm too busy to be online for more than a few minutes anyway! Hopefully I'll be back up and running as usual tomorrow!


  1. My husband who is a computer technician says that you might have gotten a virus that ate your operationing system.
    Take your hard drive out and plug it into your husband's computer and see if there is anything on your hard drive. If so then call someone that can restore the operationg system. If not then you will have to start over from scratch.

    I hope it works out for you

  2. Tell your husband thanks for his advice! My computer is a laptop, so I don't think the hard drive could go in Wes's PC, could it? Anyway, it's at the doctor now, so we'll see what happened. Wes was a programmer in the Air Force for 7 years, so he knows basic stuff still, but things have come a long way in the 10 years he's been out! I keep thinking he can fix anything on the computer, and he keeps reminding me that he's been away from them for 10 years. So??? LOL Thanks again for the help!


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