Saturday, December 31, 2005

I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth . . . Yet

I'm still here! Sharing a computer, even with my not-so-computer-crazy daughter, keeps me off more. For one thing, she's using it in the mornings for school, so I get busy off in the house somewhere and pass the morning quickly. After lunch, I find more things to do or continue from the morning, and then when I finally get online, I focus more on catching up on blogs or chatting with friends or family for a few minutes . . . and my blog gets pushed to the back burner. Hopefully, as Beth and I work out our computer sharing, I will have definite times for blogging and writing.

We finally took some pictures of Sasha the Hamster, but I don't have them downloaded yet. That little booger moves so fast you can't get a good picture of her! LOL She is quite cute and seems to be settling into her new home. She has made a bed extraordinaire in her cage, piling it full of shavings, then burrowing down and curling up for her long hamster naps. We think she's getting up at night like hamsters do, but she has been asleep at bedtime the past couple of days. Beth adores her, and the boys are warming up to her too. Samuel held her for quite a while last night - well, actually he set her on his lap and she ran all over him! She doesn't just sit for more than about 2 seconds.

My mom has continued to get better. The doctor says she isn't completely well yet, but she is well on her way. She says she feels so much better, and is still just so thrilled not to have heart problems! So am I! One of the symptoms she was having was craving ice. Did you know that craving ice and being compelled to chomp on it constantly is a symptom of anemia? Mother was eating quite a bit of ice when we were out there at Thanksgiving, but I just thought she liked to chomp ice. Turns out, people who are anemic crave things (it's different for different people) and ice is one of them. So if you can't help but chew on ice all the time, even getting up at night to have ice as a little snack, go and have your blood tested. Mother had gotten to the point that she was very sick, and if she'd known this symptom she would probably have had it seen about sooner. Just a little tidbit, there!

I hope to write a little more later this evening. I've had a few New Year's thoughts buzzing around in my head the past couple of weeks, and hopefully I can get them out through my fingers tonight. We'll be going to bed at the normal time - Wes is a stickler for Saturday night early bedtimes, New Year's included - so we won't be ringing in the New Year at midnight (although our neighbors probably will). We'll watch the ball drop in New York at 9:00! I hope you all have a healthy and happy new year, and determine to continue serving the Lord in 2006.


  1. Happy New Year, Susan and family and hamster! :) We wish you the best in 2006.

    We're not out and about tonight, but maybe we'll stay up just to see the new year in. We have one traditionalist in the family who HAS to stay up although Tom and I usually don't make it that long. And Sarah is trying to talk us into being awake at midnight. :)

    P.S. I missed reading you the days you were off the computer.

  2. Thanks for the New Year wishes, Deb! We wish the same for you and your family and dog! LOL As I'm writing this, it's 8:52 my time - almost midnight yours. Did you make it till now?!!

  3. We hit the sack at 11:40...and I post-dated my Happy New Year post to come up and post automatically at midnight when I was asleep. So, no, I wasn't up when the new year arrived :) And Sarah says, "WHO would stay up til almost midnight and not wait for 20 more minutes?!!" Sleepheads, that's who!! :)


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