Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Birthday to Samuel!!!!!

Our oldest child and oldest son is 17 today! Somebody please tell me where the time has gone! We were married 4 years before Samuel was born. He was a much anticipated baby, let me tell you; the first grandchild on both sides of the family. He's been a joy to us all his life, and as we watch him growing into a young man, he brings us more and more joy and satisfaction.

Samuel is pretty quiet . . . until you get him talking about sports. He's the ultimate baseball fan! He has also developed a strong interest in hockey and is becoming a regular Canucks fan. Since he was just a little boy, his interests have been baseball and the weather. He used to watch the Weather Channel for entertainment when he was a preschooler . . . and when we go somewhere that has it, he still likes to watch it.

Samuel was saved when he was almost 7 years old. He finishes high school this year, then plans to stay home a year before going off to college. After college, his ultimate goal is to come back to Canada and work in a ministry here, not necessarily with us. I think one of the greatest privileges the Lord has allowed me is to be not only the daughter and wife of missionary preachers, but also the mother of one. Although I dread the separation that will eventually come, I have no greater joy than to have my children serving the Lord.

Samuel, your daddy and I love you and we're very proud of you! Have a happy birthday!


  1. Happy birthday, Samuel!

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    We are proud of you too, Samuel. God bless you on your day.
    Grandaddy, Grandmama and al of us here in SC

  3. Happy Birthday! Does it seem like it has gone really fast?

  4. Jamie, it does go so much faster than I ever imagined it would!

  5. Awwwwwww
    Happy Birthday Samuel!


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