Friday, December 16, 2005

Displaying Christmas Cards

How do you display all the cards you receive during the Christmas season? I always had a hard time figuring out how to show them. I've put them in baskets, taped them around doors, taped them to posts with garland. I've been puzzling over it this year, because I didn't really like all those other ways. As we were decorating our tree last night, though, Wes and I came up with an idea that I really like!

When I was little, my mother had a kit that had miniature clothespins and a length of green string with tassles on the end that you hung up and hung the Christmas cards from. I always loved it as a little girl, but I've never seen anything like it since then. As I was telling Wes about it last night, I remembered that I had bought some mini clothespins at the dollar store this year to use in cardmaking and scrapbooking, but I hadn't used any of them yet. We just bought our Christmas tree last night, and it was tied with twine. So Wes strung some of the twine in an opening we have between our living room and hall, on both sides of the opening, and I hung our Christmas cards on it with the little clothespins. I'm really pleased with the result! Here's what it looks like:


  1. Susan - that is the neatest idea! I might have to do that myself!

  2. It looks really neat! My grandparents have an old set of those mini clothespins too, and hang their cards just like you did.

  3. We have two doorways in the foyer that we put greenery doorway is wide and leads to the living room, and the other is a regular size door leading into the nook area.

    We hang ornaments from the greenery and also white lights, so the entire foyer is lit up.

    Then each Christmas card we receive we use a one-hole punch and put a hole in the upper corner of the Christmas card and put some red string through it and tie them at random around the doorway greenery.

    We love it! I think yours looks very nice, too, Susan--thanks for sharing the picture.

  4. Deb, I love greenery and lights! Maybe next year I'll add some greenery to my twine and clothespins. We have a garland and some extra lights, but nowhere to hang them except around our door outside. I don't think cards would do very well outside! Thanks for telling me how you do it.


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