Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cute Puppy!

Wes and I were out shopping today and saw a pet store. Now, I can't just pass a pet store without going in and looking at the puppies. I was well-rewarded today! There was a little beagle puppy in there that was the cutest I've seen in quite a while. He was a little dense; he kept running across the little glass enclosure, not seeing the glass, and running headlong into it. Then he'd slip and slide on the tile floor, ending up whacking his head on the floor as he tumbled over. He was all over that pen, slipping and barking up a storm - so cute! I sure would love a puppy, but we can't have pets in these apartments. So it'll be a while yet. He sure was cute though!


  1. AAAAAAAWWW! I want a dog too, but I have to wait till we are in a house.

  2. I thought you were going to say you got a puppy! =)

    The last thing I want is a dog! LOL or a cat...or a bird...or a fish...ROFL I'm so not an animal person!


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