Thursday, December 22, 2005

Computer is back home . . .

It was definitely dead. The hard drive was physically damaged, and nothing could be done to retrieve all my lost stuff. The guys put in a new hard drive, which was way so much cheaper than buying a new computer (which I was kinda hoping would happen!). Wes is putting my programs back on it and fixing it up for me. He's always been my computer guy; all I've ever had to do was turn it on and it was ready to go. So maybe by tomorrow morning mine will be good as new, with a much more careful operator. The good thing is that I'm starting all over - clean slate, my favorite thing! That's what I love about each new day, new week, new month, new year - fresh and new, with no mistakes on it. That's a good thought, eh? God gives us new mercies every morning - how I love it!

So . . . if you're a family member or personal friend and have my e-mail address, you might want to e-mail me tomorrow so I can re-enter your e-mail addy in my address book. Because once I put it in my address book, I hardly ever look at it again. I have no idea what your address is now. And I'm going to have to visit all my favorite places online to get the links back. Wes says it won't take me even 2 weeks! Smartie!

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  1. sorry about your computer. Hope that everything gets back to normal soon.


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