Monday, December 12, 2005

Breakin' a Leg

No, no one has broken a leg! I was referring to the saying "Break a Leg" when actors get ready to go onstage. Well, I guess you couldn't call us actors, really . . .

The cantata went very well last night! The music was so beautiful! I got to sit through the first 4 songs before my part started, so I was soaking it in - so beautiful! Then it was time for us to go on, and everything went without a hitch . . . praise the Lord! I was very nervous - my heart was pounding - I just knew everyone could see it as I stood waiting to begin my lines. But once I got started, I relaxed and enjoyed the whole thing. The Gospel was clearly presented through the songs, the play, and then through Pastor Conner's invitation at the end of the service. No one accepted Christ last night that we know of, but we pray for a harvest from the seed planted. Five of our church family were there, and one of them brought a visitor.

One of the funniest things happened just after I began speaking my lines. As I've said before, this was set in a southern US town, so I was able to really let my accent come through. One of the men at Greater Vancouver is from Romania and has a very strong accent himself. Just after I started speaking, I happened to see him sitting in the back. Because we were doing reader's theatre style, I had a focal point in the back of the auditorium. Mr. M was sitting right in front of my focal point, on a chair. That good man was sitting back there, leaned back in his chair, legs stretched out in front of him, head thrown back, laughing so hard he looked like he was going to fall off his chair! I spoke to his wife after church and mentioned that he seemed to be enjoying the play very much. She said that he absolutely loves a southern accent, and my particular rendition of a southern accent had really tickled him. That much was obvious. There were some funny moments, but Mr. M must have thought the whole thing funny! I do like to make people laugh though . . .


  1. Susan, wish I could have heard you; I'm sure the whole cantata was very nice. Glad you had fun doing it. :)

  2. Oh I so wish I could see it!!!! Did you tape it to pass around copies!? :)


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