Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day in Canada. From all I can tell, it's just like the day after Thanksgiving in the US - lots and lots of sales and shopping. Normally we don't go out shopping on those heavy shopping days, because we just don't like fighting the crowd, but yesterday we gave our daughter all the stuff for a hamster - hamster condo with all the trimmings - and promised that she could go and get a hamster today. I told Wes when he got the idea that we'd have to go out shopping on Boxing Day! But did he care . . . then? He cared today! LOL We just parked wherever we could find a spot at the mall and hiked in. Beth found her perfect little hamster friend and we came home to install her in her new digs. She's a cute little beady-eyed critter (I willingly have a rodent living in my house - I must be crazy - if I found a mouse, I'd kill it!), a Russian dwarf hamster. Since she is Russian, Beth named her Sasha. So far she has made herself a bed in one of the little attachments to her house, and now that it's night, she's running around like an insane little critter. I think we'll enjoy her, once she gets used to us and lets us hold her. Beth will begin picking her up and petting her tomorrow. And that was our Boxing Day.


  1. Hi Susan,

    That is so sweet! Sasha! I am sure she will bring a lot of fun to your family.
    It has only been about ten years since stores have been allowed to open on Boxing Day. Before that, everything was closed just as on Christmas Day. I used to work in retail, and left that work just before they allowed this crazy opening up. I really feel for the retail workers who now get only one day off for the Christmas holiday. I think it stinks. All that said, what did my daughter do yesterday? She went out and hit the sales!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, I must be totally wrong on what I thought Boxing Day was....I always thought it was in appreciation to the postal workers, and everyone put boxes in their mailboxes. LOL Am I totally off, or does this come into play too?

  3. My brother and sister had hamsters and we enjoyed them. I think my brother continues to care for one (not the same one as before though)

  4. Tammy, Melissa can probably answer this better than I can, being as she's a native Canadian, but I think Boxing Day originated as a day to treat those who serve you, such as the mailman, milkman, etc. Going farther back, the wealthy did it for their servants on the day after Christmas, putting the gifts in boxes. So you're right on track! The shopping is modern day Boxing Day.

  5. I thought it was a holiday in the place of Christmas. You know, everybody gives gifts to each other in boxes. :)


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