Saturday, November 05, 2005

Today's Birthday Is . . .

Today's family birthday is my brother Ben's. He's two years younger than me, so I guess that makes him 38 this year. Ben has been my brother for 23 years now - he came with my new mom! He lives at home with our parents, loves to talk on the phone, and is a whiz at remembering phone numbers and addresses and things like that. He's also the brother who caught my wedding bouquet! LOL I'm glad to say that Ben loves the Lord and is serving God faithfully with our parents. The picture below shows Ben on the right (wearing the Clemson Tigers baseball cap) with our nephew, James. We love you, Ben . . . Happy Birthday!


  1. Did he catch your bouquet on purpose?

  2. This is one of the funniest memories from our wedding! LOL I don't think Ben planned to catch the bouquet; it just happened. He is a big sports fan, and when he saw that bouquet flying through the air, he just ran right through the middle of the girls, reached up and caught it mid-air, and ran to the other side yelling, "Touch down for the Clemson Tigers!" LOL It's funny now, but of course it wasn't then. My dad made him give it back and I threw it again. I don't even know who caught it the second time!

    Our wedding was a study in just how much can go wrong. I'll have to blog about it sometime. It's really hilarious!

  3. That is funny. :) I would love to hear about all your wedding mishaps sometime!


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