Monday, November 14, 2005

The Symphony!

Beth and I got to go to the symphony today! The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra holds a series of concerts each season for school students, during the day and at a low cost, so our homeschool friends through Greater Vancouver Baptist Church always take advantage of this opportunity to take our children to a real symphony performance that's fun and educational. The conductor, Mr. Bramwell Tovey, has a wonderful sense of humor and an easy, informal way with kids. I love going to these performances because I always learn something new, thanks to Mr. Tovey's simplified explanations of the musical instruments and their place in the orchestra, types of musical compositions, composers, and musical terms. The performance today was a tribute to Mozart, whose 250th birthday is coming up. It was a very enjoyable morning, and Beth and I came home and started looking for music by Mozart to play!


  1. That sounds like you had a very enjoyable time!

  2. Oh that is wonderful Susan! That we could all go to the symphony often! What a joy!


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