Thursday, November 17, 2005


I've been working on my links sections and on creating some affiliate links. I'm very new to all of this kind of stuff; I just play it by ear, then check to see what it looks like. So far, I think all the links are working right and hopefully it all looks good. The thing I can't get to work right is adding a picture of books I'm reading now to the link for the book. Seems that I need a local image path, which is the place where the picture is stored on my site (I think), but the only place I have that I store pictures is in Photobucket. I'm not sure how to do this in Blogger. From Photobucket, it just shows up as the dreaded Red X. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. I'd love to be able to show a thumbnail of what I'm currently reading.

I bought some yarn to make myself this scarf while we're flying. I figured that would be an easy thing to transport and work on in a small space (I still have to call about taking a crochet hook in my carry-on though - I'll do that tomorrow). I love the yarns I chose - Lion Brand Red Fun Fur and Lion Brand Hard Candies Boucle' - and the pattern is the easiest I've ever done. It won't take long to make, and I'm just dying to make it before we leave. But the kids won't let me. Let me explain.

Samuel and Beth are reading the Left Behind series, and they're ready to start book 6. We checked the books out of the library, but we won't let them have them till Monday, because they'll read them this weekend and have nothing to do on the plane. So . . . when I got the yarn "to make my scarf on the plane", Beth took that as my project to do ONLY on the plane. So I'm stuck. Out of fairness to them, I will wait till we're on the plane, which is Tuesday. I know very well that I could pull rank here, but I'll play along and wait. Maybe.


  1. Susan, I love reading your posts. You sound like a fun Mom! :)

    My sister is really into making those fun fur scarves. Last Christmas she gave everybody one I think, and she gave me two!

    I have tried to make them and have one half-way finished (but I started it last fall)!!! They are absolutely gorgeous when you see them on people.

    I hope you have success and fun knitting on the plane. Hopefully, they will allow you to take the hook. Have Beth take a picture of you knitting on the plane; we'd all like to see your scarf when you finish. :)

    Oh, have you ever tried knitting dish cloths? My sister has a pattern for those, too. Easy, easy, she says. You use a smaller yarn, and they whip up in no time. Great little gift to give someone.

  2. Oops, I just went back and clicked on your pattern link and found out you were talking about crocheting and not knitting. But I see they did have the same pattern as a knitted one.

    Okay...have your daughter take a picture of you crocheting instead :) Maybe the airline would allow a hook rather than long knitting needles!

  3. Deb, I made Beth a scarf, just playing around with the fun fur. Her coat is a deep red with gray/black trim, so I went conservative and used a gray/black fun fur with solid black regular yarn, instead of the boucle. Since I was just messing around with it, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I made the scarf one night last week, and she loves it . . . until she saw my RED fun fur! LOL Now she wants a red one. I'll have to see what I can do.

    I do like making these because they're so easy to do. The fun fur and boucle' are expensive, so I'll have to check into getting them on Ebay before I make very many of them, but I can see myself going wild making them. I wish I could see myself making them and then selling them, but I'd have to charge a lot to get my money back on the yarns. We'll see what develops. Up here, it's chilly and rainy for a good portion of the year, so they would sell here better than say, Texas! LOL

  4. Susan, when you're in SC, look around for a Michael's. Sometimes they have the fun furs for $2.49 or some lower price instead of the usual $4.99. Or use one of the 40% off coupons for just one of the furs. If you get a nice cashier, she may let you do it w/o having a coupon and just signing your name.

  5. I did get the fun fur here yesterday for $3.47, normally $4.99. They keep telling me that their coupons are in the local paper on Friday, but I haven't found any in a long time. Maybe we have to subscribe to it to get the sale paper. Right now we just pick it up at the mall. Anyway, I'm already planning to go to Wal Mart to the $1/yard fabric table! LOL


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